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The parents of the millennial generation had a wakeup call in the 90s when their children decided that education was not the only way to break out of poverty or increase their net value. It became rapidly apparent that the young were willing to digress from the norm money making scheme that was more of a rat race to make fast money on America’s Forex, ETFs, futures, stocks, and options. This theme was echoed by the 2006 Al Gore revelation on the inclination society towards stagnation. It was clear that the mundane involvements in politics and other issues had dominated society and left little time and focus on prudent investments.

Mark Soberman was on the edge of this realization and started Netpicks, a trading company in 1996 to offer expert trading tips to average players. He has structured the firm to have three packages that cater to people looking for full-time trading engagements, part time work or short dealings that only take minutes to mature. Netpicks has a special emphasis on social trading, which is why they have detailed tutorials on ETFs.   Know the company more from this interview on

Understanding ETF through Netpicks

ETFs resemble mutual bonds but differ because they are socially responsible and have passive management. There are four screening methods one can use to determine the best ETF.

  1. Positive screening to select the organization or firm.
  2. Negative screening to determine how the firm impacts society.
  3. Integration of the ESG to estimate the returns.
  4. Mapping out the project’s theme to establish sustainability such as the use of alternative energy.

Netpicks is clear that ETFs with a value for environmental conservation have the upper hand. The firm has outlined four Green ETF Etho Climate Leadership picks.

  1. US ETF which chooses companies that emit the least carbon.
  2. SPDR SSGA Gender Diversity Index ETF for gender equality.
  3. iShares MSCI ACWI Low Carbon Target to lead to sustainable development by reducing carbon emission
  4. iShares MSCI Kid 400 Social with mentionable environmental achievements.

Netpicks’ portfolio

Netpicks has an extensive trading portfolio spanning 25 years and understands the intricacies of every season. For an update of their timeline activities, click on  The firm has its headquarter office in Irving, Texas and has an unmatched staff of coaching professionals. Netpicks’ unparalleled dedication to its clients and upward growth are the main attraction for prospective and active customers.  See what goes on in a live trade room, hit on this.

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