Tips on Cleaning Various Household Items during Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning entails the practice of cleaning a house thoroughly during springtime. In most cases, it is practiced in areas, which are affected by cold winter. A thorough house cleaning activity includes wiping, scrubbing and washing. In case spring is closely approaching, you need to consider cleaning the following items in the house.

When cleaning the windows of your house, you need to use soapy water and a rag. However, the activity should be carried out on the exterior part in a bid to ward off the smudges and spots. Make sure that you conduct the washing on a cloudy day rather than on a sunny day since the sun can easily dry the cleanser before you finish wiping.

Stainless Steel
It is possible to have stainless steel items in your kitchen, which are not as shiny as they ought to be. To get rid of the dull surface, make use of a wax-based aerosol spray. However, it is advisable to use an appropriate amount to avoid leaving the surface of such items grimy.

Continued use of the dishwasher without regular cleaning can lead to poor cleaning of utensils or dishes. To ensure that the appliance works correctly, run a complete cycle using a special cleanser for dishwashers each month.

When it comes to cleaning your refrigerator, make sure that you clean both the external and internal parts. The shelves should be removed and washed thoroughly using warm soapy water. For surfaces that cannot be detached from the fridge, ensure that you use a sponge to wipe such areas carefully before placing the shelves back.

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