The Oxford Club Has The Know-How To Make Wise Investments

William Bonner is one of the founders of the Passport Club in 1989, renamed the Oxford Club in 1991. All the founders decided to make the club a private financial investor entity. The main Clubhouse is based in Mt. Vernon, Baltimore.

The founders are investors and entrepreneurs themselves and realized how their personal contacts provided the best information for ground floor investment opportunities. The 157,000 members of the Oxford Club are throughout 131 counties. The club’s investment strategy has proven to help the members make investments and taking reasonable risks.

The Oxford Club membership has subscriptions to moneymaking newsletters. The Oxford Resource Explorer, The Oxford Income Letter, The Oxford Communique, giving members updated information on Risks and Returns, Dividend Investing, and access to the clubs archives.

Finances are one of the first things on the agenda when it comes to retirement. People are living twenty and thirty years longer with better health care.

If your stock portfolio is large enough, you can have equities earmarked for cashing to support you during the “Bear Market.” Stocks are slow to recover, so it’s time to “Rebalance” your funds as you did previously. You want to do a “Retirement Rebalancing” of funds by cashing in stocks to pay, monthly bills and other expenses for at least five years.

Check your stock portfolio to see how many stocks you have that you can liquidate. When there is not enough equity to fund your expenses for five years, the time to start saving is ASAP. You can work past retirement age and save more money, make informed and researched investments, or reduce your living expenses. You can always choose to make investments with a higher rate of return.