The Industrious Gregory Aziz

James Aziz is the chairman of the National Steel Company. The company has been uploaded by many individuals as being the best in offering their services. The services that the company has engaged in include freight, car, and rail engineering. The company has also engaged in the manufacturing process where several products have been processed by the company. The National Steel Company is located in Hamilton.



Greg Aziz has excelled in every field that he has conducted his business. The company has established a motto which it follows strictly. The products that are produced by the company are quality. James Aziz has been instrumental in the company activities. The entrepreneur’s able leadership has enabled the company to be ranked the best enabling it to earn a great reputation.



The National steel company was established in 1912. The freight cars that have been manufactured over the years have been of quality standards. This has enabled the company to meet the needs of its clients. The customers’ standards are also taken into consideration during the manufacturing process.



The National Steel Company has provided a telephone number where the concerned individuals can reach out to them. The company also contains a website where vital company information is posted. Individuals willing to meet the management directly can visit Canada at their offices in Hamilton.



The company normally operates daily from, 9 am to 5 pm. The company has provided categories in Hamilton where different activities are ranked according to their purpose. The categories involve dentistry, property management, cleaners, industrial design, construction and building works, animal care and services amongst other operations.



Gregory James Aziz has been viewed by many individuals. The entrepreneur studied economics at the Western University. The company has been vocal in supporting charity organizations. Greg Aziz and his wife are sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Individuals have been able to acquire great jobs through the activities in the companies. The National Steel Company has established the food banks programs where the employees are encouraged to participate in the initiative. Read More On This Page.


Team building and strong leadership in the company has encouraged the families that stay in Ontario. The cars that have been manufactured over the years have increased from 3500 to 12,000. The employees in the company are dedicated to their work hence promoting good results.