The philanthropic face of Anthony Petrello

Many people only know Anthony Petrello from his achievements in the corporate sector. As a chief executive officer and the board chairman of the biggest drilling firm in the world, Tony Petrello has been a big name in the corporate sector. He has set that standards in the drilling sector which is the field that he has been on for more than two decades. His achievements are admired by many since he has managed to get this company from a small-medium sized company into a global company that leads the way for other companies in the industry of mining and drilling. Nabors Industries has managed to turn things around for the oil and natural gas drilling sector.

Although many people know Tony Petrello from this job, he has another face of him that may not be known to many. Anthony Petrello is a wealthy business executive who has a heart of assisting other people. He is a generous philanthropist. In Texas, he has led workers in the drilling and mining industry in supporting community-based initiatives. He has been a great supporter of initiatives that are meant to influence the society in a positive way. As a philanthropist, he has managed to help contribute millions of dollars to various initiatives.

Of all the initiatives that he has been supporting financially, one stands out. This is the support of the Texas-based neurological research center. This is a center that is very personal to him. He has contributed over $5 million in helping the setting up of the first neurological research center for children in the world. Tony Petrello has not stopped there. He has promised to continue supporting the initiatives of the research center even more. He has pledged to add $2 million to the kitty. It is clear that Anthony Petrello is determined to see research center succeed. Why is this so personal to him.

Tony Petrello has a daughter known as Carena. She has a neurological condition that has left her paralyzed. She is not able to do most of the normal body functions that involve motion of body parts. Tony Petrello has been around the world trying to find good medical care for his daughter but has not been successful. This has resulted in his decision to support this research center which remains his hope for good medical care for his daughter. Together with his wife Cynthia they are dedicated to this cause. They see it as the hope for their daughter to finally get good treatment.

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