Ross Abelow A Volunteering Model

Donna Peel recently began Pro Bono Network to fill a void in Chicago area legal aid agencies. Currently there are 200 female lawyers in the network with nearly 1/3 of them being stay at home mothers. Each month 40 lawyers volunteer their services to Chicago area residents. Pro Bono Network provides free legal assistance to low-income families who otherwise would not qualify for legal assistance. They work with the attorneys based on what they are comfortable with. They work with cases ranging from setting up a living will, divorce, applying for disability benefits, and even debt-collection disputes. They also provide services for mothers serving time and assisting domestic violence victims with orders of protection.

Ross Abelow is another such attorney who volunteers his advice and legal expertise. Mr. Abelow posts regular blogs, magazine articles and offers legal advice on several social media sites. In January, 2016, Ross Abelow began a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for New York City’s area animal shelters. The funds will be used to help with the rising costs of caring for homeless animals until families can be found for them. In his spare time he coaches his three daughters basketball and softball teams. He is also very active in the Jewish community.

Mr. Abelow has dedicated nearly thirty years to the legal profession. He has worked for some of the most prestigious law firms in New York City. Mr. Abelow is a graduate of State University of New York in Albany, where he earned a degree in Political Science, before continuing his legal education at the Brooklyn of School of Law, where he earned his Juris Doctor. Mr. Abelow was admitted to practice in the state of Connecticut in 1989 and admitted to practice in the state of New York in 1990.

Many lawyers choose to specialize in different chosen areas. Mr. Abe!ow specializes in Matrimony and Family law, Corporate Litigations, and Entertainment Law. In each of his specialty areas Mr. Abelow works hard to ensure his clients rights are maintained as well as the legal protection of their assets. Mr. Abelow is dedicated to fighting for the underdog. He has a strong conviction for fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves, especially children. Mr. Abelow is dedicated to doing what is right for the children of divorce cases.

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  1. Pro Bono Network is unique in that they supply training and clients to the volunteer lawyers. He has worked both as a defense attorney and a prosecutor in the New York district courts. There are certain things that review essays would have done to make sure everything works out really well.

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