Reputation Management Firm Grows Over 1000% in Three Years

Status labs based in Texas, continues to be one of the fastest growing digital marketing companies in the city of Austin, Texas. The company has grown over 1000% between 2012 and 2015. They have a great reputation in the public relations field and continue to work with digital marketing companies. That is where it all started for them. Austin Business Journal has placed the company on the annual fast 50 list.

Status Labs continues to adopt new resources to keep the business competitive in the world of digital marketing. The fact that Austin Business Journal gives them the honors of growing so well is like giving them free advertising and grows out the company even more. Some of the best press is free word of mouth published by another company.

The company works with reputation management, public relations, SEO, and digital marketing campaigns for all different kinds of companies. The size of the company can range as well. Status Labs has been working hard to make a big impact on the city of Austin and also move some of their services around the globe. There is a large market for public relations, SEO management, and creating marketing campaigns around the world. Founders Darius Fisher and Jesse Boskoff are making sure that Stratus Labs keeps has a strong influence on the surrounding communities.

Status Labs has shared the honor of a fast growing business with some other small companies such as 9Gauge Partners, Clear Measure Inc., Freedom Solar Power, and Sabre Commercial.

The company currently has offices in Austin, New York, and São Paulo. The main goal of the business is to help clients achieve the best search rankings for their pages and withhold a good reputation online. So far Staus labs has helped 1500 clients in 35 countries. The digital marketing company has been seen in numerous publications such as New York Times, New York Post, and US News & World Report. Again, the reviews from these popular publications give Staus Labs a lot of attention and more business.

Darius Fisher won the Innovation 50 award in 2015. For more information check out

Twitter: @statuslabs