Omar Yunes Talks about What Made his Mexicano the Best Franchise in the World

Omar Yunes, a leading Mexican entrepreneur in the hospitality sector, explained what made his franchise, Mexicano, becoming the best franchise in the world. He said that the hard work more than 400 employees of the various units of the franchise played a critical role in making a difference. Also, the brand, Sushi Itto, gave space for the franchise to innovate – a key parameter for the competition. It should be noted that Yunes’ franchise won the 2015 BFW Award on Dec. 5, 2015, for the best franchise. The Best Franchise of the World competition held in Florence, Italy, and it recognized the contributions of Yunes and Mexicano to the brand, Sushi Itto. Diego Elizarrarrás, the organizer of the Mexican version of BFW, confirmed that the franchise won the Award for making a difference in brand-franchise relationships, implementing control boards, executing clear measurements in each unit, and more.

Various franchises from 34 countries participated in the BFW – 2015 competition, including Portugal, Hungary, Mexico, Argentina, France, Brazil, Italy, and more. The competition did not consider the franchises as brands. Instead, it evaluated a number of factors including the influence the franchise created on the network, improvements proposed to the brand, contributions imparting knowledge, the motivation of employees, savings implemented on the network, and more. Benjamin Cancelmo, CEO of the brand Sushi Itto, confirmed that the recognition is reflecting the continued efforts of both the brand and the franchise in providing a remarkable flavor, unique hospitality, and excellent customer service.

Omar Yunes has also invested in retail and entertainment sectors apart from the hospitality. He started his business ventures at very young age and founded the first unit of Mexicano at the age of 21. With deep market insights, Yunes expanded the presence of the Sushi Itto franchise across all the major cities in the country. Currently, it has 13 units, and that counts for almost 10 percent of the total number of Sushi Itto units. Yunes’ franchise participated in the Mexican version of BFW competition in November 2015 and became the best franchise in the country. This helped it to be eligible for the global BFW competition held in December 2015.