New clothing, and a new website for Steelers fans

A new clothing line and a new website is out for fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and it’s wildly popular. The changes are intended to get team clothing out into the mainstream public, and those changes have turned some heads.

There is a new Pittsburgh Steelers director of strategic planning in Susan McGalla, who in her own right has some serious knowledge of the fashion business. Susan McGalla has served as the president of American Eagle Outfitters and the CEO of Wet Seal.

Susan McGalla’s changes have made huge improvements in the clothing line, offering men and women more modern choices in what they can buy. Susan McGalla started by bringing in focus groups to see what people wanted in team gear. She made fans feel extremely welcome as if they were a part of the Steelers family.

Men, unless it was a special occasion, couldn’t wear team gear at the office, but now the clothing line has team shirts that are perfectly suited to the office environment. Women wanted clothing that made them look and feel more feminine, and Susan McGalla delivered in a huge way. Young female fans of the team can even buy clothing with sleeves that have thumbholes, a very popular style.

There is a new and improved website where the clothing can by bought, where complete views and prices of team products can be seen. The shopping experience is much quicker and easier.

The Steelers organization has a contest out where fans can wear their favorite fan gear, take pictures of themselves, and enter a chance to win a Steelers-themed wardrobe.