National Steel Car Flourishing Under Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz was born on 30 April 1949 in Ontario. He grew up in a happy family that schooled him through Ridley College and later he went to the University of Western Ontario where he pursued Economics, which was to change his life in the later years.

Upon graduation from the University, Greg James Aziz joined Affiliated Foods in 1971. His family owns the company, and it is the leading importer of fresh foods from Europe, South, and Central America. It exports the foods to wholesale markets in Central Canada and the United States. Working with his family’s Affiliated Foods gave Greg J Aziz some experience with running a company. He also learned a few other skills like team building and mobilization.

Between the late 1980s and 1990s, Greg worked in investment banking in New York. He was able to do this because of his excellent educational background in Economics. The investment banking opportunities also earned him an amount of wealth which after accumulation allowed Greg Aziz to collocate the purchase of National Steel Car, which he did in 1994 from Dofasco.


The once mighty Canadian company, NSC, had fallen because of the little workforce. The number of manufactured vehicles yearly was very low and the number of employees insufficient. Greg saw the need to revive it, as he had a dream of making National Steel Car the pride of North America. With expert engineering capabilities, the company’s annual manufactures shot up to 12,000 from the meager 3,500; and the rate of employment rose to 3,000 up from the former 600 during the time of purchase. The growth of the company by 1999 showing astounding records, also led to the growth of the Hamilton community as employment opportunities increased remarkably.

Today, National Steel Car is the proud holder of the enviable ISO Certification, 9001:2008; a certification that no other railcar company in North America has ever earned. NSC has also been awarded the annual TTX SECO award for ten years consecutively. With this success at hand, the company which owes a lot of the achievement to its employees holds a yearly Christmas Party where all former and current workers together with their families, are invited. NSC is interested therefore in not only building itself but also in binding the community. Greg Aziz and his wife Irene hold that idea to heart, and thus sponsor various activities in Canada like the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair which is the most prominent agricultural fair in Canada. Find Additional Information Here.