Michael Zomber: in Pursuit of History

Michael Zomber is a renowned historian, antique arms collector, an author and filmmaker, media commentator and a storyteller at heart. He has a keen interest in collecting antique arms and armor and considered as a prominent authority on Japanese samurai swords.

In addition to that, he has a massive collection of antique arms and artifacts that took him almost 40 years to complete. Nonetheless, he has authored some books on antique arms, and he was also featured on a number of popular channels and social media platforms.

Michael Zomber was born in Washington D.C., and he attended the University of California, Los Angeles to complete his honors in English Literature and Psychology. He also has a master’s degree in English Literature from the same university. However, his passion lies in historical and antique arms as well as events that he has been pursuing for decades.

Michael has dedicated his life to protect and preserve history by collecting, restoring, and selling antique arms with a story behind them. However, he mostly specializes on Japanese samurai swords. His mission is to create a passion for historic preservation among others, and he has been sharing his personal endeavors of collecting artifacts with others.

This is why he shares his expertise with others on as a guest historian in History Channel’s Tales of the Gun series. Among those series, Guns of the Famous, Guns of the Orient, Dueling Pistols, Shotguns, and Million Dollar Guns are the prominent ones.

Michael Zomber has also authored some books on historical arms, and all of his books have been highly appreciated and well received. Among his books, A Child of the Civil War and The Shining Religion have been popular among the historian community. In addition to that, his non-fiction book named Jesus, and the Samurai was highly acclaimed.

Besides writing books, Michael has also produced a movie based on his critically acclaimed book called Soul of the Samurai. Also, he was also featured in a number of social media platforms where he discusses the need for historic preservation. As a philanthropist, he is also involved with a number of NGO organizations fostering peace such as Amnesty International, UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders and Global Exchange.