How Greg Aziz Made National Steel Car The Leading Company that It Is Today

Many people in the railroad industry agree that National Steel Car is the most important and the most reliable railroad manufacturer in the United States. The company has more than 100 years in the market, and it has some of the most trusted students of cars and railroads leading the company. This statement holds true to the Chief Executive Officer of the enterprise, Greg Aziz.


Greg Aziz initially graduated from the school of Economics at the Western University. He soon entered the National Steel Car corporation to lead its staff as the CEO of the group.


Born in London, Ontario on April 30, 1949, Greg Aziz has an impressive record regarding his ability in economics and how he is able to lead companies to success by using his knowledge of finances and administration.

His skills in financial administration and strategy began to show themselves and to shine when he worked in the family business, Affiliated Foods. In his family’s company, Greg Aziz revealed that he kept studying economics even after he graduated from the Western University.


Because of the inclusion of Greg Aziz in the administration of the Affiliated Foods, the family business became a worldwide importer of food, all because of some strategies that were brought by the economics genius.


The same concepts that brought Affiliated Foods to a triumph were used in National Steel Car when Greg Aziz assumed the position of CEO inside the enterprise. He began tailoring new ideas, gathering the staff inside the company and investigating the market, understanding what the competitors were doing wrong or right. Because of Greg Aziz, the company entered an expansion period where employment and production were escalating, and the financial part of the corporation was doing great. Visit This Page for more information.


The truth is, when Greg Aziz assumed his role in National Steel Car, the company had left a period of depression that had left their financial state in awful conditions. They were losing their clients, and the market was shifting while National Steel Car was not able to keep up with the modern changes.

This reality is a significant shift from the image of what National Steel Car is today: They honor traditions, but they are modern, and their railroads and other productions are of top quality; they are leading the industry as the largest manufacturer in the United States, and, on top of all, National Steel Car is slowly planning to hit the international market as well.


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