Founder and CEO OF Ascendant Capital Jeffry Schneider’s Expertise in Alternative Investment Strategies

Ascendant Capital founder and CEO, Jeffry Schneider is a renowned expert in alternative investment. Ascendant Capital is an alternative investment boutique firm founded in 2009 in Texas. The six -year- old firm identifies and raises hedge, private equity and real estate funds that are unavailable to established or new asset investors. In the last five years, Ascendant Capital has grown with 30 employees.

Under the leadership of Jeffry, the company has raised over $ 1billion.This figure is expected to rise in the next one year as the company hopes to raise over $ 50million per month. Ascendant Capital has a range of services such as marketing, sales, education and operation. After the funds are raised, researched and profitable offerings are developed for the investors. These offerings are distributed globally via 250 registered investment advisors, over 50 brokerage firms, several private banks, and family offices.

Jeffry Schneider encourages the culture of transparency among his employees. Open dialogues and trust are key elements to successful teamwork. The motivation of employees in team-building activities has contributed to his success. Jeffry has assembled a team of the finest financial professionals in the industry. Fiduciary duty to the investors has never been breached, and this has created trust from Ascendant Capital clients. Jeffry’s visionary leadership is the reason behind Ascendant Capital’s tremendous growth.

About Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider was born and raised in Manhattan. He attended the prestigious University of Massachusetts In Amherst where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. He began his financial services career in his hometown. In his early career days, Jeffry worked for reputable firms such as Smith Barney, Alex Brown Merrill Lynch. Jeffry is a seasoned financial guru with skills in the capital market, investment, alternative investment and financial advisory. He held executive positions at Axiom Capital and Paradigm Advisors. Jeffry gained skills that enabled him to stand on his own.


Outside the boardroom, Jeffry Schneider enjoys exercise and fitness. He is a strong advocate of healthy eating and exercise. Jeffry enjoys a morning run every day in the heart of Austin Texas, where he currently resides. He has previously participated in marathons and Ironman challenges in California, Texas, and Chile. Jeffry is also a philanthropist who has made great contributions to charitable organizations such as Cherokee Children’s Home and The Gazelle Foundation. He enjoys traveling and has had the opportunity to visit various parts of Europe, Asia, and America. Jeffry is a devoted husband and a loving father.

You can interact with Jeffry on [email protected] Jeffrey Schneider and get to learn more about alternative investment and healthy living. He can also be found on Linked in under his name.