Foreign Investment In Brazil and Construcap


The Brazilian economy is no stranger to foreign investment. The country makes up one of the rapidly growing BRICS nations, which are poised to become superpowers in the very near future. Brazil’s amount of foreign investment (US $75.07 Billion in 2015) hasn’t been as high as that of China (US $248.86 Billion in 2015), but the amount of money invested in the country has increased at roughly the same rate as the former. The 2016 Rio Olympic Games brought the world’s spotlight upon the Latin American nation. This has provided a major boom to the construction industry in Brazil, which has been able to expand it’s presence throughout the country as a direct result of the 2016 Games and 2014 World Cup. Approximately $1.2 trillion in investment poured into the country from 2008-2013 as foreign investment.


One of the top 10 Brazilian construction companies is ConstruCap, which has been in business since 1944, as per Wikipedia. The company does much of Brazil’s large construction projects such as roads, airports, and highways. The company has a direct relationship with the infrastructure department of Sao Paolo because of their commitment to providing quality results. They are also in the business of building the huge underground oil pipelines which have financed much of the economic boom times in the country. It’s very reasonable to believe that this company is building the Brazilian economy based on the number of construction projects that they have been involved in.


In addition to it’s impressive portfolio of public infrastructure, the company has also built many large buildings in many cities throughout the country. These buildings have a wide range of purposes. Many of these new buildings serve as commercial retail or office spaces. However, many others serve as manufacturing facilities. These include production facilities for Jeep, Peugeot, Michelin, Fiat, as well as GM. Many of the natural resource companies in Brazil also trust Construcap for their facilities such as Petrobras, Copebras, and Solvay. These automotive and mining industry companies need great buildings and can know that they are able to trust Construcap.  Follow them through Facebook, and read more about their more recent projects on