Doug Levitt Draws From Experiences of Greyhound Travelers

One thing that could be said about Greyhound is that it can be a rich source of experiences and life stories. For one thing, a lot of people have a lot of rich stories that can inspire, and warn. Doug Levitt has seen a lot of value in these experience. He has been involved in getting these experiences when he started traveling by bus. He has been traveling for almost 10 years at a total of 70,000 miles in 7 years. Throughout these years he has been trying to put together a book that describes the different stories of struggling Americans.

Doug Levitt is not just a writer of stories, he is also a singer and songwriter. He not only will feature them in his book, but he will also sing convert these stories into songs to perform in front of an audience. One thing that could be said about the struggles of Americans is that there is this sense of humanity that surrounds them. Doug Levitt seeks to capture this humanity in his book which will hopefully influence people in power to do something about the situation in America. This will hopefully also inspire people to help one another

Doug Levitt has been doing this sense some of the recent crises that hit the United States. He has seen how people that are at a disadvantage are treated. He wants to make sure that they are given the attention that they need. Since The Greyhound Diaries are filled with a diversity of stories, the book will show that people who are down on their luck are every bit as human as those that are better off. This will also inspire some kind of sympathy for people in similar circumstances and who have gone through similar incidents in their lives. Doug Levitt is someone that is involved in powerful projects.