How Jeff Yastine Is Providing A Better Understanding Of The Financial World

     Jeff Yastine works as an editor for the Total Wealth Insider newspaper. Yastine also serves as a member of the Banyan Hill editorial team. At Banyan, he has been able to make informative business publications that have helped the magazine’s audience make calculated business decisions. Through the insight got from the journals that Yastine makes, investors and entrepreneurs alike get to learn about business finance strategies and the best financial services available. The wealth of experience on financial markets that Yastine has brought at Banyan Hills is unrivaled making him an essential member of the magazine’s editorial team. Before Yastine started his career at Banyan Hill, he was a financial journalist who majored in stock investing.

Yastine’s publications are focused on tracking the various financial changes and emerging business trends. He covers these topics extensively with the aim of enabling his readers put into context the ever-evolving financial world. Yastine is also known to make detailed reviews on economic policies and business trends across the globe. Other than being a vital member of Banyan Hill editorial team, Yastine is a celebrated media personality. As a journalist, he worked for PBS nightly for more than 15 years. During his career at PBS, Yastine got to interact and interview some of the world’s most exceptional entrepreneurs and innovators. Some of the personalities he interviewed include Bill Gates and Richard Branson.

From the interviews with the best minds of our generation and other experts in the financial and business industry, Yastine was able to learn about financial strategies and secrets. He has been sharing this information with his audience while letting them know the economic perspective taken by high achieving investors. The insight Yastine provides on financial markets has enabled investors and people in business have an understanding of the financial markets and trends, this has led to spotting the next business frontiers. Avid readers of his publications bear testament to substantial economic turnarounds and increase in revenue attributed to the advice Yastine provides.

Financial and investment news coverage aside, Yastine has covered some of the most significant stories affecting Americans. He was on the frontline covering the economic implications brought about by hurricane Katrina. Yastine did an extensive coverage of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. He also focused his reporting on the sorry state of American infrastructure. His stories bring focus to topics and issues that matter, this has earned him recognition from his peers in the journalism industry.

Ted Bauman Shares Insights on How to Hedge Your Wealth

     Ted Bauman is the Editorial Director of the Bauman Letter, Smart Money Alert, and Plan B Club. His specialization is wealth protection, account privacy, stories making headlines in the global migration matters, and low-risk investment opportunities.

Apart from being a prolific writer of wealth generation and protection subjects, he is also an author, having co-authored “Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally)” with his father, former Congressman, Robert Bauman. Ted Bauman is always engrossed in searching for new insights on viable means of protecting your wealth, and through this book, he outlines some six (6) critical principles of how to escape financial stumbles. They include:

  • How to slash your taxes
  • Concealing your money from prying eyes
  • Protecting your money amid high inflation
  • The means of multiplying your money
  • Lawyer-proofing your money
  • A “Plan-B” for your Money

Where does charity money go?

In his website, Mr. Bauman publishes articles on flawed charity programs that can’t account for over 60% of the fund raised toward relief programs. “When we invest to gain profit we anticipate more dollar,” he exclaimed. “The act of charity, however, is a reward in itself and makes us feel nice, besides reducing our tax obligations. With charity, the impact that our donations have to the less fortunate is invaluable. It’s that mismatch that presents the same scope of incompetency, self-dealing and misappropriations often witnessed in the government.”

In offering an informed solution to donors, Ted Bauman urges provides detailed ways to scrutinize non-profitable organizations like the American Red Cross (ARC) which has received widespread criticism regarding the handling of over $450,000 it raised toward the development of houses for the Haiti Earthquake victims.

Blockchain Investments

Being an active cryptocurrency skeptic, he reveals the current happening in the cryptocurrency world, the risks, and opportunity available to investors, among whom, according to him, are desperate, and that motivates them to wager a bet on cryptocurrencies.

In his July 18, 2017, post, he discussed the robust market penetration of ethereum (ether), which seeks to find alternative uses of blockchain technology. In that segment, Ted pointed out that a fortnight earlier, news of ether’s jump to assume a 30% market share against its formidable competitor, bitcoin, having had a 5% niche against bitcoin at the beginning of 2017, sent ripples among market speculators and the public.

Ted Bauman has social media accounts, particularly Facebook, on which he interacts and shares financial feeds with his followers. Through his extraordinary efforts and enthusiasm in what he does, he has enabled many Americans to make rational investment decisions and subsequently, protect their assets.

Lori Senecal: A Leader with a Passion for Bringing Out the Best in Companies and Their Employees

Lori Senecal has a passion for bringing out the best in people individually and as a team. Lori is currently the Global CEO of Crispin, Porter and Bogusky (CP & B). In high school and college Senecal worked as a gymnastics coach. She learned valuable lessons from coaching and brings that experience into her career. According to a New York Times interview in May, 2015, Lori tries to discover the individual potential in each person and to help these individuals use that potential as part of a successful team. And just as this served her well as a gymnastics coach, it has served her well in her career.

Lori encourages employees to envision the career they desire and to create it by following through on their dreams. She creates competitions within the company so employees can compete with inventions and ideas to realize their career dreams. She then backs many of these projects. This also energizes and ignites a passion in the company’s employees to do their best work.

Having grown up in Montreal, Canada Lori Senecal graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Marketing and Finance. In her first job at a media agency Lori adopted a philosophy she still follows today which is “action creates opportunity” and it has served both her and the companies she has worked for very well. She believes that when a person takes action, new opportunities appear. This provides growth for individuals and companies. Prior to working at CP & B, Lori was the Global Executive Chairman at KBS. Under her leadership that company grew from an agency of approximately 250 employees in the United States alone, to an agency of over 800 employees internationally.

Lori’s colleagues have noticed her leadership expertise. In 2013 Lori Senecal received a Quantum Leap Award for her leadership and innovation at the AWNY Game Changer Awards. In 2014 Lori was named one of Advertising Age’s “Women to Watch.”

Lori Senecal is a leader with a passion for helping companies and their employees reach their full potential.