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Chris Burch: The Fashionable Hotelier

Chris Burch is a businessman and investor who is someone who has given life to numerous luxury ventures. He is the proud owner of one of the most beautiful luxury hotels in the entire world. The hotel was one of the few ventures that Chris Burch has in the field of hospitality. One of the key areas of expertise for the businessman is fashion. He has given rise to some of the biggest brands in the industry and has worked with several celebrities to endorse the campaigns and to form collaborations and business deals with him. One of the most recent fashion based endeavors that Chris Burch embarked on was for talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres. The star paired up with Chris Burch to bring to her audience her one of a kind line of clothing called ED. The brand did extremely well and today is one of the most well-known celebrity brands on the market.   More to read on

Chris Burch’s ability to make such big successes out of fashion companies comes from the business knowledge that he possesses. He has worked with several companies through the course of his career and has also collaborated with numerous brands, offering them business advice along with investment opportunities. This business knowledge has helped him reach the position that he currently has in the industry. To learn more about his diverse investments portfolio, hit on He is one of the most sought-after names in the business and is on his way to expanding his business ventures to more fronts and markets.   Read his shared insights and views on things around his area of focus, click

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Hospitality was a field that Chris Burch has just started getting into. He has always seen an incredible scope for it and has always wanted to enter it, and saw this as the perfect opportunity to do so. He wanted to buy something for his children that they could treasure as they get older, which is why he thought an island would be the perfect answer. But just having an underdeveloped island would not cut it, and in true Chris Burch fashion, he decided to turn it into a one of a kind luxury beach destination. The Nihiwatu was built on the island of Nihi Simba and is one of the most beautiful island destinations in all of Indonesia. The hotel has been featured numerous times for being one of the best by various popular magazines and sites. The Nihiwatu sees visitors from all over the world coming to this destination for a luxury holiday.  Hop over to to read more about this famous destination.

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Chris Burch: An Innovative Entrepreneur from the Start

In college, he sold sweaters from door to door and fellow students, and that turned out to be his steps to becoming a billionaire. Chris Burch is a man who can be described to be innovative, especially when it comes to hotels, resorts and alternative living space, and his entrepreneur journey is living proof that success only comes from dedication and hard work.

In his 40 year’s career as an entrepreneur, the current CEO OF Burch Creative capital has participated in the success of more than 50 companies in fashion, hospitality, and technology companies. You could say that Burch is a marketing genius with his innovative skills giving him an insight on customer needs. He started his empire in college where he and his brother invested $2000 and launched company caller Eagle Eye apparel, which became quite a success in a relatively short amount of time. His other investments over the years include Trademarks, ED, Poppin, Coccoon9 and a luxury fashion label Called Tory Burch. He is also supporting other lifestyle and consumer products ranging from retail, apparel, and home furnishings.  More to read on

Nihi Sumba Island Resort

His most recent innovation in resorts is called the Nihi Sumba Island, located in the remote area of Indonesia. The resort is made up of 27 resorts that that incorporates the natural elements of the island. The resort weaves itself into the island Jungle and beach sceneries giving the visitors, a truly unique experience. To bring a similar natural beauty in the interior space of the villa, Burch combined the nature of teak wood and natural stone nested for dramatic effect.

Most of Burch idea comes from understanding what the customer wants, and the construction style in this resort came from the idea that people are looking for places where they can find peace in natural surroundings. To read more insights from him, click on  While staying at Niki, visitors can relate at the resort, take a ride on opposite ends of the island and can go on a 90 minutes hikes or hop on a boat ride to explore other parts of the island.

International Appeal

Burch broad interest presents numerous investment opportunities on the domestic scene and international location. He basically chooses some of the most fashionable areas of the country, and develop them into luxurious homes. He has built hotels in locations such as Palm Beach, New York, Florida, Nantucket as well as Southampton. Internationally, he has partnered with famous hoteliers to establish Faena Hotel and Universe in Buenos Aires. Burch pursuit in investment continues to broaden. He has presently launched Coocoon9 project developing miniature homes with contemporary constructions.  Have an in-depth look at his diverse investment portfolio, hop over to

Helping those in Need

Without a doubt, Burch has gained a lot of success in business endeavors, but one thing he never forgets is giving back to the community. He supports research and charitable organizations like the Sumba Foundation, funded by a portion of Nihi Sumba Profits.  For his recent timeline activities, check this.

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Chris Burch Opens One Of A Kind Luxury Hotel In Indonesia

Chris Burch is a fashion mogul who is known for being an entrepreneur and businessman. Through the course of his career, he has been the founder of numerous business ventures that have all been hugely successful. His newest venture he embarked on is in the field of hospitality. He wanted to give his children something that they could cherish forever, which is when he decided to build his hotel. The hotel was constructed on a private island that is in the country of Indonesia. The island was relatively untouched before Chris Burch decided to build his hotel on it. The hotel has also been brilliant for the people living on the island since it has opened up a whole sector of jobs for the people in the area. The hotel only employs staff who are currently living on the island so as to benefit them more.  Read more about him and his work on

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When it comes to the hotel, it is considered to be one of the best in the entire world. The hotel is a luxurious one that beats any beach destination. The surrounding area that the hotel is built on has provided a beautiful setup, which is also why Chris Burch decided to make it in this area. The island has some of the whitest sand and the most pristine waters which make it look like a paradise on earth. The Nihiwatu has seen people come here from all over the world. Celebrities and travelers have come to this luxury destination and have been wowed by the absolute beauty that encapsulates this entire place. Travel + Leisure Magazine voted the Nihiwatu as one of their top hotels in the whole world, which is also why the hotel has become so incredibly popular. Check

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The hotel has over twenty-seven villas that serve as a home to the people visiting the hotel. Upon arrival, all the visitors are given their staff as well as their butler to tend to every need that one might have. Guest who comes here are given the most luxurious experience and are treated like absolute royalty. The hotel has almost all the amenities that one could ask for. Each villa has their private infinity pool and fully fledged villas. The hotel also has exquisite spas and restaurants within the premises to offer their visitors nothing short of the very best to make their visit to the Nihiwatu worthwhile and truly a one of a kind experience.  For timeline activity update, click on this.

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