How Chris Burch Became A Billionaire

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who has had many successful businesses over his professional career. The first industry he was in was construction, working with his father. He has found numerous ways to make money over the years, much of it in the fashion industry. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital where he invests in businesses and brands that he believes in. He has also co-founded other companies such as Tory Burch LLC and C. Wonder. He has financially done very well and now finds himself counted among billionaires.  Check for an in-depth look at his diverse investment portfolio.

Beyond the fashion industry, Chris Burch has also invested his money in other brands such as in real estate, resorts, and hotels. He is driven by a passion to do well at what he does. He is also very innovative and can almost always arrive at a successful decision when, as often happens in business, things go sideways.

In his 40 year career, Chris Burch has been a part of over 50 different companies. It has been said about him that one of the keys to his success is having a deep understanding of consumer behavior. He understands what customers want and then figures out a way to deliver it to them. He is deeply skilled at branding and marketing his products. This includes several well-known brands such as ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, and Poppin.  More to read on

A resort that Chris Burch owns has been described as easily one of the best in the world. The resort is on Nihi Sumba which is an island in Indonesia. It’s a luxury resort that offers unique touches such as pools under waterfalls. Chris Burch is also proud that it employs a lot of locals on the island and has developed into a key component of the island’s economy.  Read his point of views on business, click

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Before starting on his professional career Chris Burch attended Ithaca College. His brother and he built their first company while he was still a student. This business was Eagle Eye Apparel and what they did was sell sweaters to students on college campuses and the areas around the college. After a number of years the brothers sold this company for $60 million which Burch used to fund other new companies he founded. He now lives in a number of locations as he owns homes in Palm Beach, Nantucket, and Southampton. He also maintains a personal residence at his resort of Nihi Sumba.  For update on his recent timeline activities, check

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Chris Burch Brings the Award-Winning Chef Andres Morataya to Nihiwatu

Chef Andres Morataya is a highly sought-out-after chef from Panama. He’s built a startling reputation for himself against overwhelming odds. Starting out, the chef didn’t even have the finances to set up his premier restaurant, Panga. Andres Morataya never gave up. The challenges only strengthened his resolve and determination to succeed. That’s when Chef Morataya pioneered a unique approach known as ‘back to basics’. Instead of purchasing the expensive kitchen and cooking equipment from the stores, Andres used ready-made materials to build functioning grills. Afterward, there was no stopping his meteoric ascent to the top of the food game, both figuratively and literally.

Summer Parties at the Hamptons

Chris Burch, CEO of the VC firm, Burch Creative Capital and a veteran hotel entrepreneur, wasted no time in hiring Chef Andres as his head chef. Andres often gets called up to tend to the VIP guests partying at Burch’s Hamptons beach mansion. Chris Burch is in advanced talks to bring chef Andres to work on his award-winning resort in Bali, Indonesia.

Andres is expected to start his tenure at the resort in November 2017. Speaking in response to his upcoming appointment, Chef Andres hoped to continue his creative and unique cooking approaches, despite having fully furnished kitchens at the resort.  Related article on

Chris Burch’s Biography

Christopher Burch is an avid entrepreneur whose name is synonymous with creating disruptive innovative brands. Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital, a company that specializes in identifying lucrative opportunities in both developed and emerging markets. He’s responsible for building more than 50 companies have transformed into global powerhouses in four decades. Burch Creative Capital manages a broad and diversified portfolio that includes investments in hospitality, retail, technology, apparel, health and organic food sectors. The brand recently earned a vital endorsement from the talk-show queen, Ellen DeGeneres.

Early Life and Education

Christopher Burch, 64, is a billionaire investor who loves adventure and exploring. In 1972 to 1976, he pursued a business degree at the Ithaca Business College. More to read on   Today, Burch has personally built over 13 companies valued in the millions of dollars. He owns companies like Rappi, Hooch, Hooch, Split, Bib + Tuck and Nanoleaf. His refined business acumen landed him appointments at several companies’ boards. Chris serves as an advisor and investor on Grability, Chubbies Sports, Poppin and at Nihiwatu. Burch is an extraordinary philanthropist who takes great pride in lifting the less-fortunate people in the community from their conditions. Learn more about the incredible charity work by Chris Burch on his official website.  For his recent timeline activities, hop over to this.

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