Jim Hunt’s Successful Investment Tips


Jim Hunt is the Chief Executive Officer of VTA Publications. The financial advisor has created a YouTube account where he shares his investment experiences to the public for free. Hunt has a unique talent in predicting trade in the bull market. He is popular due to his target of average investor in his YouTube videos, found here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_8HMk0s_M9rk2KZWOOTrQQ. Jim founded VTA with an objective of helping the average man to have financial freedom from the banks.

His business ideas are channeled towards providing solutions to the needs of his clients. Jim has adopted the act of reading widely and carrying out a lot of research. It enables him to offer practical solutions to its customers’ needs. He considers the biotech world the most exciting trend. Jim believes it will bring unimaginable medical solutions.


For one to be a successful entrepreneur, Jim Hunt calls for top-notch discipline. He says he always set goals that he makes sure are accomplished. Jim’s secret to success also involves listening to complains from his clients then solving them. Hunt did not like working at the bank because he never liked the treatment the customers received.


Information is power, and that explains why Jim spent his best $100 to subscribe to expert financial research. He feels the little amount has earned him great deals. His best software is Infusionsoft and Aweber. He has used them in data management and the creation of web pages respectively. Hunt recommends Rich Dad, Poor Dad to readers who would want to understand how money flows. People like Jesse Livermore influence Jim’s thinking.


Roles of VTA Publications

VTA Publications was founded in December 2012, and its headquarters are in Norfolk. VTA focuses on long distance learning courses. The non-fiction publishing company has made its information available to its broad range of clients globally. Its main aim is to provide physical and digital information to its global customers. VTA specializes in the fields of finance and economics.


The publications company also serves its clients through organizing events and seminars to offer them finance and economics information. As at Dec 2015, the company had one director, no active secretaries, and one shareholder. Find them on CrunchBase for more information.

Why You Need an Investment Adviser

Investment has several factors that require a lot of time, energy and decision making. Given the risky nature of business today, it is important that you manage your business well. Without proper management, the business might fail. This is where investment advisory comes in. With a good investment adviser, you have the opportunity to do things differently and in a more streamlined manner.

There is a point in investment journey where you feel like every decision you are making is a mistake. If you constantly feel this way, you may need the intervention of a financial adviser to help you out and make you relax. Sometimes experience plays a significant role when it comes to managing a business. Also, some people who have not managed more than a five-figure account may want to manage a six-figure account. This can be a new and challenging experience that requires the skills of an investment adviser.

 Finding a Good Investment Adviser

One of the individuals who have made milestone achievements in investment advisory is Richard Blair, the CEO and founder of Wealth Solutions, an investment firm located in Austin, Texas.

Richard founded Wealth Solutions with the aim of creating revolutionary ways of providing financial investment services. He also wanted to make a positive impact on the lives of people in Texas.

 Richard has vast experience as an investment and financial adviser that spans more than 20 years. His love for education has shaped him into a person who has knowledge and confidence to achieve whatever he desires. Richard Blair was inspired by the fact that old people in the society lacked prudent solutions on how to invest their hard earned money.

Some of them even resorted to donating their money to charity or spending it extravagantly. As an individual who had experience in finance, he wanted to help this special group of people make great achievements in their lives by investing.

After he graduated from University of Houston with a degree in Finance, Blair joined millions of employed Americans in building the nation. He worked as a financial specialist in several companies before starting his own firm. He uses Wealth Solutions as a platform to explore his dreams and learn new tricks of doing business.

He is a prominent figure in the company, and his employees look up to him for advice and solutions to problems. Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is an embodiment of success and good leadership.