FreedomPop Wins Big With Carrier Service

Everybody is looking for the next big thing in the tech world and that is definitely true for people looking for a mobile carrier. Mobile phone companies have to push the limit to stay ahead and now FreedomPop, an upstart from Los Angeles, is leading the pack. FreedomPop specializes in what is considered a ‘freemium service‘. Everything that FreedomPop offers, at the basic level, is completely free for all subscribers. If that sounds like something right up your alley then keep on reading.


Subscribers to the basic FreedomPop package will be offered a limited plan that caters to casual users. The ‘free plan‘ comes with unlimited texting, 200 minutes of voice, and 500 MB of mobile 4G data. If this sounds like a solid amount then you will never need to pay for anything while using FreedomPop — outside of accidental data overages. For users that need a bit more oomph in their package, well, FreedomPop has plenty to offer. You’ll see many a FreedomPop review quit talking about services after mentioning the free offerings but that is a mistake.


What makes FreedomPop special AND effective is the fact that they offer competitive prices for competitive platforms. For just $5 a month you can find your way to an unlimited WiFi plan that gives you access to all of the millions of FreedomPop WiFi hotspots in the United States. That’s a pretty good deal, right? This is just the beginning of how FreedomPop is changing the game when it comes to utilizing technology. The team at FreedomPop has always wanted to push more toward a digital buffet style of service rather than a restrictive, one size fits all offering. Simply shop for what fits your needs and leave behind everything else.


FreedomPop is quickly making a name for themselves in the United States but we’ve seen that the team is already making headway overseas, as well. A soft launch in Europe and partnership throughout Asia means that we’ll be seeing plenty more from the team in the future. With no contractual obligations and a bottom barrel price point, you owe it to yourself to try FreedomPop out.




ClassDojo Empowers Teachers, Parents And Students To Stay Connected

ClassDojo has been truly successful in being able to raise 21 million dollars in venture funding. This is indeed an impressive fund raising achievement . This funding that was received is for the ongoing improvement of technology that has been developed with the ability to connect teachers to parents and students.

This amazing high quality technology provides the connection that is needed and wanted by all these folks to help them to be able to have more consistent and readily available communication regarding important information about the activities of the students, social developments, etc. at school. This is real empowerment for all who use this helpful technology.

Because this technology enables the provision of communication throughout the term of the school year and even during the school day, this ground-up change enables parents to keep informed about what their children are experiencing at school and how they are coping. The parents thus are saved from being surprised by incidents that otherwise would most likely only be discussed in a parent teacher meeting that occurs once per semester during the school year.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, who are the cofounders of the company, have stated that the company ceased their fund raising plan around the later part of the year in 2015. Now they are using the wonderful supply of money that was raised to be able to grow their team and to discover what types of content and features would be the most useful and resourceful for parents who love using the app.

They want to make the app highly functional not only for use during the school day, but also for use at home. Chaudhary happily stated that the focus is to aid parents to be able to have meaningful conversations at home, along with being able to support or enhance the learning and development of their children that occurs at school to be able to continue at home.

The usage of ClassDojo is very beneficial for teachers for making a schedule of the activities to send to parents, usually on a daily basis. This app can also be used during the day for snapping and sending videos or photos, so that parents can see the latest work of their child or take a look at their child’s participation in various activities at school. It is likely that 2 in 3 schools will soon be using this technology on a regular, long term basis.

ClassDojo’s founders note that when they founded the company back in 2011, they were aware of other educational business involved in technology which had developed digital curriculum and other things. However, they were not aware of any free or easy to use apps that had the power of creating community. They saw the value of creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools.