The Industrious Gregory Aziz

James Aziz is the chairman of the National Steel Company. The company has been uploaded by many individuals as being the best in offering their services. The services that the company has engaged in include freight, car, and rail engineering. The company has also engaged in the manufacturing process where several products have been processed by the company. The National Steel Company is located in Hamilton.



Greg Aziz has excelled in every field that he has conducted his business. The company has established a motto which it follows strictly. The products that are produced by the company are quality. James Aziz has been instrumental in the company activities. The entrepreneur’s able leadership has enabled the company to be ranked the best enabling it to earn a great reputation.



The National steel company was established in 1912. The freight cars that have been manufactured over the years have been of quality standards. This has enabled the company to meet the needs of its clients. The customers’ standards are also taken into consideration during the manufacturing process.



The National Steel Company has provided a telephone number where the concerned individuals can reach out to them. The company also contains a website where vital company information is posted. Individuals willing to meet the management directly can visit Canada at their offices in Hamilton.



The company normally operates daily from, 9 am to 5 pm. The company has provided categories in Hamilton where different activities are ranked according to their purpose. The categories involve dentistry, property management, cleaners, industrial design, construction and building works, animal care and services amongst other operations.



Gregory James Aziz has been viewed by many individuals. The entrepreneur studied economics at the Western University. The company has been vocal in supporting charity organizations. Greg Aziz and his wife are sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Individuals have been able to acquire great jobs through the activities in the companies. The National Steel Company has established the food banks programs where the employees are encouraged to participate in the initiative. Read More On This Page.


Team building and strong leadership in the company has encouraged the families that stay in Ontario. The cars that have been manufactured over the years have increased from 3500 to 12,000. The employees in the company are dedicated to their work hence promoting good results.



The philanthropic face of Anthony Petrello

Many people only know Anthony Petrello from his achievements in the corporate sector. As a chief executive officer and the board chairman of the biggest drilling firm in the world, Tony Petrello has been a big name in the corporate sector. He has set that standards in the drilling sector which is the field that he has been on for more than two decades. His achievements are admired by many since he has managed to get this company from a small-medium sized company into a global company that leads the way for other companies in the industry of mining and drilling. Nabors Industries has managed to turn things around for the oil and natural gas drilling sector.

Although many people know Tony Petrello from this job, he has another face of him that may not be known to many. Anthony Petrello is a wealthy business executive who has a heart of assisting other people. He is a generous philanthropist. In Texas, he has led workers in the drilling and mining industry in supporting community-based initiatives. He has been a great supporter of initiatives that are meant to influence the society in a positive way. As a philanthropist, he has managed to help contribute millions of dollars to various initiatives.

Of all the initiatives that he has been supporting financially, one stands out. This is the support of the Texas-based neurological research center. This is a center that is very personal to him. He has contributed over $5 million in helping the setting up of the first neurological research center for children in the world. Tony Petrello has not stopped there. He has promised to continue supporting the initiatives of the research center even more. He has pledged to add $2 million to the kitty. It is clear that Anthony Petrello is determined to see research center succeed. Why is this so personal to him.

Tony Petrello has a daughter known as Carena. She has a neurological condition that has left her paralyzed. She is not able to do most of the normal body functions that involve motion of body parts. Tony Petrello has been around the world trying to find good medical care for his daughter but has not been successful. This has resulted in his decision to support this research center which remains his hope for good medical care for his daughter. Together with his wife Cynthia they are dedicated to this cause. They see it as the hope for their daughter to finally get good treatment.

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National Steel Car Growth Under Management Of Gregory Aziz

National Steel Car is an engineering company that is led by Gregory Aziz. Greg Aziz is the chief executive officer and the president of the company. He joined the company after he bought in 1994. This has been a big accomplishment for Greg Aziz. After he bought the company, he ensured that the services the company provided were of high standards. Gregory Aziz is from Ontario, Canada. He was born in 1949. He grew up in this region and went to the University of Western Ontario. He graduated from this university with a degree in Economics. The knowledge that he received while studying his degree has helped him to manage the company in the best way possible. He has managed to lead the company on a transformational journey that has seen it become the leading company in the region.



National Steel Car is a manufacturing company have been manufacturing railroad freight cars and tank cars. National steel was founded by Morison and Basir in 1912 and have been in the industry ever since. The company has been built on a strong foundation of values and diversification. This has enabled the company to stay in the line of being the best performing company in North America. The company has a strong workforce composed of skilled engineers who were brought in by Greg Aziz after he took over the management of the firm.

National steel car offers high quality serves as well as high-quality products. The employees of this company have been very happy with the achievements that have accomplished while working for the company. The mission and goal of the company are to always have the interest of the clients first. This is the only way that this company can lead others. National steel has received a number of awards for the accomplishments that it has made. It has for 18 years won the TTX SECO awards for the company with the best quality goods.



Gregory James Aziz has been part of the company for over two decades now. In the two decades, he has managed to put the company on the map as the best. He has applied measures that have seen the company improve its production capacity from 3500 to over12000. This is an accomplishment that he is proud of.


James Aziz has created a strong partnership with the players in the industry. He has made good connections with clients which is another factor that this company is progressing very well. Under the management of Gregory Aziz, this company is set to accomplish even more.


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Gregory Aziz Becomes A Great Leader Through Learning The Skills Of Enterprise Management

The railroad manufacturing business is one that has very few players due to the massive technicality that is associated with the manufacturing process. Vast amounts of finance are typically required to ensure that the production process is fruitful, and the raw materials needed for manufacturing tend to be expensive. Another critical factor is the certification process. Before a company that engages in railroad and car manufacturing becomes certified, very many legal requirements usually need to be fulfilled. As a result, many investors shy away from investing in the railroad and car production processing sector.


However, the case is not the same for Greg. Greg Aziz took up the opportunity of investing in an area where the demand for products and services never lapses. The potential success of the rail road is enabled by the constant need of transporting goods to different regions of the world. As a result, Gregory J Aziz decided to put all his investment in the transport industry, and in the process, he ended up purchasing the National Steel Car. Gregory Aziz managed to acquire his skills while working in the family business.

Rail road transport has been around for many years, and it has played an elemental role in the progression the United States economy. With the advancement in technology, different aspects ended up being incorporated in the railroad industry, and this has largely helped to boost the transport industry. The National Steel Car is the only company that is involved in railroad manufacturing in the North American region. Click Here For More Info.


Therefore, it is quite clear that the company commands a vast market, and Greg J Aziz is at the forefront in leading the enterprise to expand its boundaries even further. The National Steel Car is associated with different elements, which include customer relations, team building, engineering, and capital investment. Gregory Aziz ensured that a lot of effort is directed towards the improvement these sectors, and once he acquired the organization in 1994, the success of these departments led to the tremendous growth of the entire company.

Gregory J Aziz’s entrepreneurial background has enabled him to rise higher to the epitome of success. His parents taught him the art of investing and corporate management. James Aziz’s engagement at Affiliated Foods boosted his expertise, and at the moment, he is reaping from the effort that he initially put in managing the family company, and the business education that he was able to acquire while at the University of Western Ontario.


National Steel Car CEO Gregory James Aziz

National Steel Car is one of the world’s leading railroad freight car manufacturing companies with Greg Aziz as its chairman. The company is found in Hamilton, Ontario and it is renowned for its over 100 years of success and experience in engineering of quality products. The company has designed and manufactured many freight cars that meet the recommended standards and also satisfy the various needs of consumers around the world.

NSC under qualified leadership from people such as Greg J. Aziz is usually involved mainly in community development and giving back to the community at Hamilton through sponsoring Theatre Aquarius, Salvation Army, availing Job opportunities and many other charitable activities. It is just a simple way to thank the community for its continued support over the years till now.


Greg Aziz is a capable CEO who is always on his feet to ensure that the workers always feel challenged to achieve advancement in their quality of products. NSC is currently diverse, dynamic and also more value-driven than any other time before. A unique feature about James Aziz is that he does not rest on past achievements thus he constantly pursuits to achieve greater heights in the car manufacturing and engineering industry.

National Steel Car receives constant support from its loyal customers thus is always looking forward to never disappoint them. Workers in the company do have a deep sense of purposefulness, and it is due to this factor that they were honored with a TTX SECO award 13. The company has received worldwide recognition thus boosting its market value.


One of its most significant achievements occurred in the recent past whereby the company was appointed by Canpotex to manufacture 700 railcars for shipments to Potash. Canpotex is an exclusive potash marketing and exports company that has been in operation since 1072. This indicates just how much their success has been as well as the level of trust at both consumer and wholesale level. Learn More Here.


The National Steel Car’s most valued asset is its workers who form a dynamic team and have contributed to its success all the same. With Sir James Aziz as the face of NSC, the company seems very promising to make future strides towards making the production market more competitive with the manufacture of high-quality rail cars. He is an able leader with all the qualities and experience required to take the company to a whole new level.

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The Influential Leadership of Greg Aziz at National Steel Car

Greg Aziz was born in Ontario, Canada in 1949. He went to Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario. Greg Aziz is family man, successful entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He joined his family wholesale food business in 1971. The family grew in sixteen years to become a worldwide importer of fresh foods. James Aziz shifted his focus from the family business to invest in banking opportunities in New York. He raised capital to purchase National Steel Car in 1994 with a clear vision of expanding the company and transforming it into one of the leading manufacturers of railroad freight car.


The strategic leadership of Gregory J Aziz led the company to grow its production capacity from 3500 to 12,000 cars per year. The employment capacity of the company also grew from 600 to 3000 employees. Thanks to the dedication of Gregory James Aziz, National Steel Car is the leading and most innovative engineering and manufacturing company and it was ISO certified in 2008 and has held this honour for eighteen years now. National Steel Car has also received the TTX SECO award since 1996. Greg J Aziz understands that engineering is a dynamic world and that change is not only inevitable but is a necessity.


James Aziz and his wife Irene have engaged in a number of philanthropic activities such as the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. National Steel Car is also committed to the Hamilton community and has sponsored the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, Theatre Aquarius and many other organizations. Greg James Aziz emphasizes that the cornerstone of the company is the people and that they have worked together to build it.


Greg Aziz has more than one hundred years of excellence in manufacturing and engineering and is committed to quality. James Aziz says that they are constantly challenging themselves and raising the bar. The company has a deep sense of purpose and is true to its core values. According to Greg, this is the reason why they are well known and trusted by the customers to build the best quality of railcars and constantly deliver high performance.

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The company values the support and loyalty of customers and the existing relationship with the suppliers. Greg Aziz is committed to the integrity of the company. Because of the commitment of the company to serving the community, National Steel has received a number of awards including the annual TTX SECO award which it has received consistently.

National Steel Car Excels In The Railcar Industry

National Steel Car has over a century of excellence in engineering, manufacturing, and commitment to quality. Over time, the company has earned a reputation as the leading manufacturer of railroad freight in North America. The cornerstone of the company’s success is its amazing employees. Greg Aziz, the company’s CEO feels immensely proud of what National Steel Car has achieved. Over time, National Steel Car has become more dynamic, innovative, and values-driven than before. National Steel Car is challenging itself as it raises the bar.


National Steel Car focuses its strengths with unmatched efficiency in the railcar industry. Besides being true to its core value, National Steel Car has a deep sense of purpose. As a result, the company is known and trusted by its customers around the world for building high-quality railcars with high on-time delivery performance. Interestingly, National Steel Car is the only company certified ISO 9001:2008 in North America. Again, the company has been honored with the annual TTX SECO award for ten consecutive years. The firm doesn’t rest on its past achievements. Continued attention to customer’s attention and relentless pursuit of excellence ensures that National Steel Car continues to be North America’s leading manufacturer of railcars. The outstanding commitment and integrity of the firm’s 2,000 employees who commit to high quality, the valued relationship with suppliers, and the customer loyalty and support ensures that National Steel Car continues to build high-quality railcars. Find More Information Here.


1About Greg Aziz

Born on April 30, 1949, in London, Greg Aziz serves as National Steel Car’s Chairman, President, and CEO. He went to the Ridley College before proceeding to the University of Western Ontario where he graduated with a degree in Economics. He began his entrepreneurial journey in 1971 working in his family food business, Affiliated Foods. Under his leadership, the company grew to a leading importer of fresh food throughout America. Having worked for several investment banking firms in the late 1980 and early 1990s, Greg Aziz acquired National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994.


Greg Aziz desired to transform National Steel Car, once great Canadian company into the leading freight car manufacturer in North America. Through its considerable human and capital investment, team-building skills, and robust engineering capabilities National Steel Car has expanded its manufacturing capability from 3,500 cars to 12,000 cars per year. Over the same period, the number of employees rose from approximately 600 to nearly 3,000.


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A Brief Look at the History of National Steel Car

National Steel Car has 100 years of excellence in engineering. Over time, National Steer Car has earned a reputation as the leading tank car and railroad freight manufacturer in North America. The cornerstone of its success is its dedicated staff. Employees of National Steel Car are proud of what they have achieved as a team. Today, the firm is more innovative, value-driven, and dynamic than before.


National Steel Car continually challenges itself to raise the bar. Over time, National Steel Car has learned how to focus its strength with unmatched efficiency in the rail industry. The firm expresses a broad sense of purpose to its core values. As a result, its customers believe in their ability to build high-quality railcars and within the schedule. National Steel Car is the only freight car manufacturer with ISO 9001:2008 certification in North America. In fact, they have won the annual TTX SECO award for several consecutive years. Even though, National Steel Car works relentlessly in pursuit of excellence. It doesn’t rest on its past achievements. Instead, the firm continues to pay attention to the voice of its customers and to ensure they remain the leading railcar manufacturer in North America.


National Steel Car attributes its success to its customer’s loyalty and support and valued relationships with its suppliers. Again, continued commitment and integrity of the National Steel Car’s 2,000 employees who take pride in delivering the best quality have been instrumental in the company’s success. National Steel Car will commit to building quality railcars for which it’s known and trusted. Go To This Page for more Information


About Greg Aziz


He is the current National Steel Car’s Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer. Located in Hamilton, Ontario, National Steel Car ranks among the world’s leading manufacturers of tank cars and railroad freight cars. Greg Aziz values the effort of every employee, supplier, and customer of National Steel Car. Greg Aziz attributes the company’s success to combined efforts, trust, and commitment of all stakeholders. Mr. Aziz is a humble leader who devotes his life to propelling National Steer Car to prosperity.


Greg Aziz worked at his family’s business, Affiliated Foods, before joining National Steel Car. Affiliated Foods is a successful wholesale food business. Mr. DeVos is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario. He also worked in a New York-based investment bank for several years. Under Greg Aziz’s helm, National Steel Car has earned an excellent reputation for its commitment to building quality cars.

The Transformation of the Railroad Manufacturing Industry

Gregory James Aziz is the CEO and president of the national steel car which is one of the most renowned engineering and railroad freight car companies in Ontario. Gregory J Aziz was born in London in 1949 and went to college at Western Ontario University where he majored in economics. He started working at his family wholesale business, and by the time he left, it was one of the substantial importers of fresh food in Eastern Canada, United States, and South America. He later worked on different investment banking sectors in New York from the late 80s to early 90s. Before leaving the banking sector, he managed to purchase the National Steel Car with the intention of transforming the company into a leader in railroad freight cars.


As the head of the company, Greg Aziz transformed National Steel team-building and engineering capabilities through capital investment, and soon its manufacturing capabilities grew from three thousand five hundred cars to twelve thousand cars by 1999. Also, employment in the same period grew from six hundred to three thousand. Thanks to the advancements in technology and the pursuit of manufacturing and engineering excellence National Steel Car is now a leader in the building of new railroad cars as well as the development of new cars. Find More Information Here.


National Steel Car is committed to the welfare of the community and in so doing it sponsors different charitable organizations such as the Salvation Army, the United Way, Hamilton opera and Theatre Aquarius. National Steel Car also holds a Christmas Party where employees both from the present and the past converge and participate in the company’s food drive. That aside, James Aziz and his wife are the sponsors of one of Canada’s most promising agricultural fair called the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


With over a hundred years in the manufacturing industry, National Steel Car has earned a reputation as a leader in tank car and railroad manufacturing. Greg understands that the only way to beat the competition is by remaining competitive and continually raising the bar. Greg stays true to their course, and that’s why National Steel Car is trusted by clients to bring out the best and make timely deliveries.


National Steel Car does not rely on its past achievements, but instead, they pay attention to their client’s needs and create products that are meant to bring out the best in them. Through their loyal clientele base and valued relationships with the team members and suppliers, the company offers quality services and products for which they are known and trusted.


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OSI Group’s Move towards Dominating the American and European Food Sectors

The OSI Group is in no doubt a world leader in providing quality and innovative food products and services. To remain at the top, the company invests in the acquisition of regional food companies, which add its production capacity and tighten its grip on different markets in different parts of the world. In 2016 alone, OSI acquired seven new food processing plants whose reputation and business goals augur well with that of the company.

Food for All

On top of improving capacity, OSI Group invests in meeting the diverse needs of its clients. The company has a list of options for its clients, ranging from premium specialties for the upper class, cheap but quality foods for the middle and lower class, to even organic foods. President David McDonald acknowledges the fact that for an international food company like OSI to meet all the needs of its clients, it is mandatory to have many local teams that understand the tastes and food preferences of people living in a particular locality. He explains that the company’s strong presence in 17 countries is made effective because of having such local production and sales teams.

Dominating the U.S. and European Markets

Besides its move to dominate markets overseas, OSI Group is also keen in dominating the local market as well. According to McDonald, who also acknowledges the massive contribution of Chairman Sheldon Lavin, there are a lot of expansion opportunities at home that the company can tap into. This explains why OSI recently acquired the 200,000 sq. ft. Tyson Foods plant located in Chicago. Reports indicate that OSI had to part with $7.4 million to seal the deal. The plant is expected to add to OSI’s meet- both beef and bacon- production muscle within Illinois.

Europe is the other region of interest for OSI Group. The company has in the past made notable acquisitions as well as the inclusion of poultry products in its list of products. Among the most talked about acquisition that OSI has made over the recent past is the Dutch-based Baho Food, a company that specializes in manufacturing snacks among other convenience foods. Besides Netherlands, Baho has operations in 17 other locations in Europe, and that offered OSI a perfect platform to navigate the European market with ease.

About OSI

OSI Group first opened shop as a family meat business in 1909. Sheldon Lavin, the current CEO and chairman came in in 1970 as a business consultant but later managed to purchase it all together. OSI is based in Chicago, Illinois.

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