Bruno Fagali: An Expert Counsel Who Leads Corporate Integrity In The Brazilian Corporate World

Bruno Fagali is a Brazil-based prominent attorney who specializes in the field of compliance and urban law. Bruno Fagali is a corporate integrity and expert counsel based in Sao Paulo. Over the years Bruno Fagali has achieved a great contribution to the Brazilian law as well as helping companies and individuals adhere and comply with the law. Bruno Fagali has also helped companies drive integrity out of the numerous scandals they have achieved for the past few years of their service in the country.

Bruno Fagali is also a founding partner at the Fagali Law Company. Bruno Fagali is also a corporate integrity manager at the Nova Company based in Brazil. The Nova Company is an international advertisement company that secures most of their working projects from the government.

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With more than one decade of professional experience solving most of the legal disputes facing his clients in the business world, Bruno Fagali gained a good reputation for working towards assimilating a wide range of access solutions. Bruno Fagali also has enough experience to understand your legal and business platform to give you the best solution to comply with the Brazilian law. Bruno Fagali has his expertise in the various legal fields such as the regulatory law, ethics, anti-corruption, administrative law, and the urban law. Bruno Fagali understands his role and importance of working for Nova Advertisement Agency based in Brazil. Therefore, he has taken a wide range of initiatives to assist the company to clear its name among the corrupt agencies in the country.

As a leader in the legal industry, the Nova Company gets a wide range of government-issued contracts that are subject to compliance and legal scrutiny. Bruno Fagali has also brought a wide range of initiatives to drive his integral value in the industry. This is perhaps the reason why he is teaming up with administration corporations for better legal service administration according to Due to the widespread anger in the general public over the reported corruption taking place with the government contracts, the government is working on the implementation of transparent drive solutions to curb corruption. For this reason, legal representatives like Bruno Fagali are paramount when sourcing public contracts.

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