Avaaz – A Member-Based Force to Be Reckoned With

Avaaz is a leader in global web-based activism, striving to change the world that is to a world that serves the greater good. Executive Director, Ricken Patel, founded Avaaz in 2007 in partnership with Move-On, creating a powerful on-line campaigning force designed to influence decision makers on issues such as climate change, corruption and poverty. With more than 44 million members worldwide, the organization is making notable strides towards their goal everyday.

Potent on-line tools such as e-mail, petitions, and videos allow citizens to bring issues of global, regional or national concern to the attention of co-campaigners and decision-makers. Where small groups of individuals used to work on civic problems in isolation, people now can work together on issues throughout the world. Members are able to choose to work on one issue or multiple issues. Community petitions allow members to start their own campaign on an issue important to them. Also, by reaching out through Avaaz’ powerful polling tools, members can directly connect with people who may want to become locally involved on a regional issue. Flickr Photos.

As a member-funded organization, Avaaz decides on what campaigns to spotlight based on member concerns through weekly all-member polls. Campaign victories include mobilizing broad support for climate action, fighting to create massive marine reserves, and pressuring world governments to preserve net-neutrality. In addition to these on-line victories, millions of dollars funded by member donations have been used to aid those effected by natural disasters in places such as Burma, Nepal and Pakistan.

From climate action to animal-rights, Avaaz’ millions of members campaign everyday on-line and continue to aid those on the ground to fight corruption and cruelty. As membership grows, Avaaz’ web-based activism serves as a strengthening voice for justice and community involvement.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/avaaz