Amex Set to Get the Millennials and Keep the Rich, Chris Burch

Christopher Burch is the founder at Burch Creative Capital where he now serves as the chief executive officer. The company’s success is a clear demonstration of Christopher’s mastery of entrepreneurial skills. Born in 1953, Chris is a visionary business person whose creativity and imaginations play a crucial role in the success realized at Burch Creative Capital. His company, found in New York City, manages brand development and venture investments. Burch’s ideas have positively influenced the lives of many consumers who use most of his products.

Christopher Burch believes in strong investments, and he has greatly contributed to the growth of more than 50 companies. For the last four decades, Chris has dedicated much of his time and career in promoting innovation and impacting on investment practices. Poppin, Nihiwatu, Cocoon9, and ED, recently introduced by Ellen DeGeneres are among the latest brand portfolio at Burch Creative Capital.  Read about one of his awesome investment in this link on

Chris is categorically characterized by diversity in his investment portfolio. He is in support of developing consumer products and lifestyle brands that include retail, home furnishing, organic foods, hospitality, technology, and apparel. For the record, Burch highly concentrates on branding, marketing, and sales.  Check to read more about his creative vision and output.

Since 1979, Christopher Burch has expressed high levels of loyalty as American Express Co. cards user. Earlier this year, Burch decided to switch most of his spending to J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.’s Sapphire Reserve card. In 2014, Burch listed as one of the wealthiest American by Forbes. It is challenging for Stephen Squeri, the incoming chairperson and chief executive officer of American Express, to regain Mr. Burch.   Check on for updates on his various investments.

Squeri is soon set to relief the long-serving chief executive officer in the company, Chief Kenneth Chenault. Mr. Chenault managed to make the firm’s operations less of a bank. He shifted his focus to the revenues being generated through merchant payable fees when using AmEx cards. In an email, Mr. Burch expressed his disappointment to Mr. Chenault.

Stephen Squeri, the new chief executive officer at American Express, is seeking to restore the cachet of AmEx brand. The new strategy will apply for millennials who do not necessarily own similar views as those of their parents. Additionally, the new approach will also influence customers who were directly lured by banks in the name of better services and benefits.

Burch believes in blending creativity to meet high productivity. He also insists that projects should always be worked out in phases and groups to guarantee high results. Time management is another key aspect emphasized by Burch in any service delivery setup.  Read his views on business, click on this.

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