Advocate For The 99% – Brad Reifler

Investing-something many Americans assume is reserved for the wealthy. In a Reuters press release Brad Reifler, a trusted financial advisor and advocate, gives five tips for investing. These tips were designed to empower the average middle class worker, to show that investing is accessible to all and can be beneficial if navigated properly. Reifler’s tips are founded on researching before making an investment and being confident with whatever choice you make.

These tips are not dry, hard-to-understand textbook material but real world experiences. Reifler himself invested in a 529 plan to help offset the cost of his daughters’ college education but soon found that he lost money over the course of his investment. He also noted that when he wanted to invest in companies he personally knew and was confident in making an investment with he was rejected because of draconian rules. These two instances changed how Reifler saw the world of financial markets and investments, they were designed for the financial elite only. Armed with this realization Reifler seeks to educate the masses on how to invest so they too can turn profits like millionaire CEOs.

Brad Reifler has advised multimillion dollar investment firms as well as overseeing their global derivatives, foreign exchanges and investment programs. tells us Reifler has now moved to the average investor by founding Forefront Management Group, LLC. The goal of Forefront is to help institutions or individual investors who do not have a net worth of $1 million. This work in helping the marginalize continues with the recent partnership with Easter Seals Dixon Center, which included a $3 million donation. Easter Seals Dixon Center is an organization that works with veterans and their families to access vital services such as employment and education. Reifler and Forefront Management is changing who receives financial literacy and advice.  That full story is available on XRepublic.