Achievements of the Frontera Fund towards advocating for human rights

A relatively large number of individuals have taken part in criticizing the actions of the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA) to provide services to disadvantaged children. The firm has a significant commitment towards providing immigrant children with various facilities including education as well as other essential needs. It offers children who lack documents to prove their real citizenship but possess a social security number, an opportunity to live happy and comfortable lives free from the negative issues associated with being held custody for being an immigrant. The organization plays a significant role in giving the children an opportunity to acquire themselves jobs to raise their living standards. The program enables the individuals also to obtain driving licenses which are renewable.


The Attorney general of Texas recently wrote a letter to Donald Trump the president of the United States of America, urging him to take action against the organization. He is not pleased with all with the actions of DACA and states that it is putting the nation at risk. The lawyer insisted in his letter that he would advocate for a legal action against the organization if the firm’s activities will not be investigated and probably abolished. The attorney general further explains that the action of the president will not be a sudden abolishment but insists that the firm will be notified of the action. Besides, the general insists that he will take a legal action against the enterprise if the head of state does not address the issue. He has also called on his fellow attorneys and legal administrators to take part in his campaign.


In addition to that, the attorney general received a lot of support from a number of his colleagues including ten lawyers and a governor who were concerned about the state of security in the country. The attorney insists that the current state of security is the primary course of his advocation and the high number of cases in the court’s systems.


Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals has been operating in the United States for quite a long period and has assisted many individuals to get a real life. Most of the beneficiaries of the organization have acquired good living standards, with a significant number having stable jobs and others procuring their education. The firm seeks to continue helping individuals achieve their dreams through their programs. Most of the persons in the DACA program get to testify their achievements though the fate of the organization is now unknown.