A Mistake Changes University Professor’ Life

In an altercation at a university, Melissa Click has lost her job as an instructor while standing up for protestors and taking on the media that was getting in the way. At some point in the altercation, she has called for some muscle. As a result, she was reported and her job was suspended. Melissa has been working for the University in Missouri for a while. However, she has been looked at as someone who is against the First Amendment. She of course isn’t against the first amendment. However, certain entities have been insistent on smearing her out of retaliation. Fortunately, there are firms that she would go to in order to improve her reputation so that she can possibly continue to work at the university. This firm is Status Labs.


Status Labs specializes in reputation management. They are especially involved in digital Internet reputation management. They work with many clients in order to help improve their reputation so that their business and careers can continue to thrive. Darius Fisher has designed Status Labs with the purpose of making it possible for people to get a second chance. He also understands how easy it is for one slip up to be blown out of proportion to the point that it could destroy a career.
Status Labs itself has experienced an attack to its reputation. Fortnately, the staff at the company had enough skills to recover from the attack with the use of new content in order to make sure that people know it is only a temporary problem. They understand that the search results will have a major influence on how the business fares. If the search results contain damaging information, then they will struggle with their business. However, there is a possibility that with a combination of improving their services and relations with people and providing new and optimized content, they will improve their reputation and their business as a result.

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