Gregory James Success in Rebuilding National Steel Car

The National Steel car is one of the leading railroad freight car manufacturing companies in North America based in Hamilton Canada. The company is owned by Gregory J Aziz who bought it from Dofasco in the year 1994. Greg Aziz is the current CEO as well as the chairman and president of National Steel Car. Greg James Aziz was born in the year 1949 on the 30th of April in London City Ontario. Greg began his efforts right from high school where he was even able to join the Ridley College. After a period in the college, Gregory James Aziz later decided to get focused and major mostly in an economics course and soon afterward joined the University of Western Ontario.


In the year 1971 at the age of 22, James Aziz joined the Affiliated Foods Company, their family food company which is a wholesale food business. Affiliated Foods grew after over 16 years to become a known world importer of fresh foods from other European, South American and Central countries. After importing, the company later distributed the fresh foods to the wholesale markets across Canada and the U.S. Greg then left the job and worked in several positions in different banks for ten years in the city of New York. However, in 1994, Greg J Aziz made a life-changing decision by buying the National Steel Car from Dofasco. He had one goal which was to transform the company into North America’s leading railroad freight car manufacturer. He also intended to make it strong and widespread all across different countries by that time the company being based only in Canada. See More Info.


Greg did his best in giving a considerable amount of capital investment for the company to develop. He ensured that he built a great team of workers and expanded the industry such that it was now capable of producing 12000 cars every year from its usual 3500 per year in the by the year 1994. Employment also rose from the number it had been which was 600 to an almost 3000 employees. The company has since held the ISO honor of the best North America’s railroad freight car manufacturing company for 18 years. It has also been awarded TTX SECO highest quality award since 1996. From 1996, Greg Aziz has mainly focused on the quality of his products as the market will soon come on its own. He and his wife Irene are also sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair which is the most prominent agricultural fair in Canada.


National Steel Car Flourishing Under Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz was born on 30 April 1949 in Ontario. He grew up in a happy family that schooled him through Ridley College and later he went to the University of Western Ontario where he pursued Economics, which was to change his life in the later years.

Upon graduation from the University, Greg James Aziz joined Affiliated Foods in 1971. His family owns the company, and it is the leading importer of fresh foods from Europe, South, and Central America. It exports the foods to wholesale markets in Central Canada and the United States. Working with his family’s Affiliated Foods gave Greg J Aziz some experience with running a company. He also learned a few other skills like team building and mobilization.

Between the late 1980s and 1990s, Greg worked in investment banking in New York. He was able to do this because of his excellent educational background in Economics. The investment banking opportunities also earned him an amount of wealth which after accumulation allowed Greg Aziz to collocate the purchase of National Steel Car, which he did in 1994 from Dofasco.


The once mighty Canadian company, NSC, had fallen because of the little workforce. The number of manufactured vehicles yearly was very low and the number of employees insufficient. Greg saw the need to revive it, as he had a dream of making National Steel Car the pride of North America. With expert engineering capabilities, the company’s annual manufactures shot up to 12,000 from the meager 3,500; and the rate of employment rose to 3,000 up from the former 600 during the time of purchase. The growth of the company by 1999 showing astounding records, also led to the growth of the Hamilton community as employment opportunities increased remarkably.

Today, National Steel Car is the proud holder of the enviable ISO Certification, 9001:2008; a certification that no other railcar company in North America has ever earned. NSC has also been awarded the annual TTX SECO award for ten years consecutively. With this success at hand, the company which owes a lot of the achievement to its employees holds a yearly Christmas Party where all former and current workers together with their families, are invited. NSC is interested therefore in not only building itself but also in binding the community. Greg Aziz and his wife Irene hold that idea to heart, and thus sponsor various activities in Canada like the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair which is the most prominent agricultural fair in Canada. Find Additional Information Here.

The Secret to How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Took on Amazon

Amazon usually is quite comfortable sitting atop the online apparel industry, despite years and thousands of clothing retailers trying to topple the giant from their perch. The online giant is raking in about 20 percent of all the online clothing sales, and leaving thousands to fight over scraps at the bottom of the market. Then you have Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, breaking free from the pack and doing what no one has been able to do before, give Amazon a real run for the money. Looking at the sales in the last three years, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has already made in excess of $250 million, something that certainly has gotten Amazon’s attention.


To get a better understanding of how Kate Hudson’s Fabletics was able to do the impossible, we speak with the CEO herself and get the dirt on what her secret is. To the surprise of most, the secret is all about reverse showrooming and membership perks, nothing more. This might seem hard for many to even comprehend, but it works for this women’s clothing company. To follow the money, we have to start in the local mall at the Fabletics retail stores. Women in the store are applying for their free membership, taking the Lifestyle Quiz, browsing the racks, and window-shopping til their hearts content.


Many of these shoppers leave the retail store without buying, can Kate Hudson’s Fabletics sustain record sales this way?


Leaving the store without buying is actually just part of the reverse showrooming sales process. Hudson says these women today are busy, and they are out doing their business and only have limited time to pamper themselves. They browse the store knowing each item that they try on is going to be uploaded to their online shopping cart at the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics website. Then they can return at their convenience to pick up shopping at their leisure.


From leggings, tank tops, to yoga pants, this athleisure brand has something for everyone. Add into the mix those membership perks we talked about earlier, and you can see why Amazon certainly has their hands full with Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. Those perks include help from a personal shopping assistant, free shipping for online orders, discounts on all the workout apparel, and the ability to return items without any questions. All this adds up to one thing, customer satisfaction, and they are showing their approval by breaking records as far as sales for this one online clothing company.

What Makes Logan Stout One of The Greatest Leader?

Logan Stout is a successful, business owner, philanthropist, leadership trainer, keynote speaker, best-selling author, and entrepreneur. Throughout his career, Logan has made billions of dollars in earnings, his credibility plus track record of success principles, team building, and leadership not only continue driving his prevailing t ventures but also make Logan one of the most sought-after world’s keynote speakers.

His most current business venture is focused on the health and wellness area. Since IDLife, LLC started in May 2014; it has proliferated with partners like billionaire Darwin Deason, celebrity trainer Jen Widerstrom, and Troy Aikman. Recognized Authors, as well as fitness ambassadors, join them on a journey of educating individuals on the significance of health and wellness plus providing the high-quality nutritional products. IDLife was dubbed one of the hundred Solid Top Multi-level marketing companies in the world in 2016.

Logan is Dallas Patriots baseball organization CEO and founder, where he’s focusing on leading and mentoring youth. The organization is the world’s largest, providing select teams aged between 6-18 years old with mentoring, training, world-class coaches, and instructors. He often makes appearances on radio, live events, and television. Logan has been featured in many publications like The New York Times, The Dallas Morning News, Philadelphia Life Magazine, as well as various live media and print outlets. Logan has been on FOX, The Ticket, The Fan, CBS Radio and Philadelphia Life Magazine named him Man of the Year.

Logan and Harley, his spouse, have two children and they live in Frisco, city, in TX. They are honorary chairs and patrons of the Collin County’s Boys and Girls Club, American Heart Association (AHA) North TX, Youth Athletes Foundation founders, as well as other charitable organizations.

On his interview with Ideamensh, Logan recommended people to read the bible. The book will benefit you by studying the style of Jesus leadership. Jesus was the greatest leader the world has ever had, having the highest number of followers, even after dying thousands of years later. He connected with people, love and cared about people. He is the one who embraced the principal of leadership of humility. Logan believes that everyone could benefit from learning Jesus story.

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Gregory Aziz – Canadian Railroad Baron

The days of the railroad baron are long gone but the astounding transformation that Gregory James Aziz produced at National Steel Car certainly qualifies Greg Aziz to be ranked with the railroad tycoons of a bygone age.

Greg James Aziz is President and CEO of National Steel Car and has been since 1994 when he organized the financing to buy the near dead rail car manufacturer from Dofasco. Greg Aziz saw basic value in engineering expertise that could be capitalized on. He saw hopes in revitalizing a once proud behemoth that many in Canada had given up hope on.


In five short years Greg Aziz turned National Steel Car into the crown jewel of his Hamilton, Ontario corporation National Industries Inc. Employment increased by 500 percent. Production increased by over 340 percent. The rebirth of the company not only heralded a rebirth of Hamilton industry but signaled a new vision of rail car manufacture in North America.


The company has pursued excellence in all aspects of its operation. The drive to satisfy customers have led National Steel Car to become the only North American rail car manufacturer to be ISO 9001 certified in 2008. New innovations include development of technology that allows for a larger number of rail cars to be pulled safely and efficiently even in the most remote areas of Canada.


Greg Aziz personally led the push for harmonized regulations between Canada and the United States in the wake of numerous rail accidents in the U. S.


Gregory James Aziz is a native son of London, Ontario. He attended Ridley College and studied economics at the University of Western Ontario. He worked in his family’s wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods, for 16 years. His career led him to New York and investment banking in the 1980s and 1990s.


Life is not all money and work to Greg Aziz. He made a personal commitment to the people of Hamilton. That commitment shows in his employee’s involvement in many of the charities that help the less fortunate of Hamilton. Aziz and his wife Irene also spend their own time and money in many ways that benefit others. See This Page for related information.

Greg Aziz has a rare talent for seeing opportunity where other see only failure. His broad experience in negotiation and economics enabled him to make a near dead company come to life. A desire to always get better has inspired his employees to do even better than their best. It all worked. Some call it a modern-day miracle.


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How Greg Aziz Made National Steel Car The Leading Company that It Is Today

Many people in the railroad industry agree that National Steel Car is the most important and the most reliable railroad manufacturer in the United States. The company has more than 100 years in the market, and it has some of the most trusted students of cars and railroads leading the company. This statement holds true to the Chief Executive Officer of the enterprise, Greg Aziz.


Greg Aziz initially graduated from the school of Economics at the Western University. He soon entered the National Steel Car corporation to lead its staff as the CEO of the group.


Born in London, Ontario on April 30, 1949, Greg Aziz has an impressive record regarding his ability in economics and how he is able to lead companies to success by using his knowledge of finances and administration.

His skills in financial administration and strategy began to show themselves and to shine when he worked in the family business, Affiliated Foods. In his family’s company, Greg Aziz revealed that he kept studying economics even after he graduated from the Western University.


Because of the inclusion of Greg Aziz in the administration of the Affiliated Foods, the family business became a worldwide importer of food, all because of some strategies that were brought by the economics genius.


The same concepts that brought Affiliated Foods to a triumph were used in National Steel Car when Greg Aziz assumed the position of CEO inside the enterprise. He began tailoring new ideas, gathering the staff inside the company and investigating the market, understanding what the competitors were doing wrong or right. Because of Greg Aziz, the company entered an expansion period where employment and production were escalating, and the financial part of the corporation was doing great. Visit This Page for more information.


The truth is, when Greg Aziz assumed his role in National Steel Car, the company had left a period of depression that had left their financial state in awful conditions. They were losing their clients, and the market was shifting while National Steel Car was not able to keep up with the modern changes.

This reality is a significant shift from the image of what National Steel Car is today: They honor traditions, but they are modern, and their railroads and other productions are of top quality; they are leading the industry as the largest manufacturer in the United States, and, on top of all, National Steel Car is slowly planning to hit the international market as well.


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The Success of Louis R. Chenevert

Rivalry is one of the primary threats in any innovation industry. Getting an aggressive edge in any organization that puts resources into the most recent innovation. The administrators and CEO of huge partnerships endeavor to get the upper hand to improve the situation. Trustworthy CEOs like Louis Chenevert trust that venture the organizations that put resources into the most propel instruments will improve the situation in future. Chiefs positions expect one to acknowledge the commitment to execute and accomplish the enterprise’s objective. Organizations, for example, United Technologies require the accompanying:

Arrangement of a Legacy of Stewardship 

For the endeavor, stewardship implies that one is focused on making interests in development and the general population. The CEO should, in this manner, have the capacity to demonstrate that his works have indicated upgrades in the organization. Improving the business than found is one of the viewpoints incorporated into stewardship.

Concentrating on the Best 

Louis has noteworthy accomplishments. As far back as 1993, UTC Pratt and Whitney has accumulated to a ton of additions as indicated by Forbes. Notwithstanding this Louis Chenevert’s effects, United Technologies stays in the scene of America’s economy after the fall of other incredible organizations.

The Incredible GTF Engine 

The advancement of GTF engine makes a leap forward in the mechanical world. It’s productive and has less commotion in examination with alternate motors.

A Strong Leader 

Chenevert is a solid pioneer. Amid the period where he drove the $100 billion organization, he accomplished more than different CEOs have done as such in all their years. Additionally, UTC is celebrated in light of the fact that it gathers the most exceptional motors in the United States.

Moreover, Louis Chenevert has different accomplishments related with Goldman Sachs. He is the restrictive counselor to this Wall Street bank. His help concentrates on recognizable proof of chances in the aviation parts and different organizations. His notoriety and work acquire this place for him. He is along these lines required to assume an essential part in consolidating, procurement and business mix.

Additionally, this previous CEO of UTC has different accomplishments, for example, showing up on the rundown of the best dispatches in the historical backdrop of air ship dispatches in the year 2013. The motors are effective and down the fuel utilization.

Chris Burch Opens One Of A Kind Luxury Hotel In Indonesia

Chris Burch is a fashion mogul who is known for being an entrepreneur and businessman. Through the course of his career, he has been the founder of numerous business ventures that have all been hugely successful. His newest venture he embarked on is in the field of hospitality. He wanted to give his children something that they could cherish forever, which is when he decided to build his hotel. The hotel was constructed on a private island that is in the country of Indonesia. The island was relatively untouched before Chris Burch decided to build his hotel on it. The hotel has also been brilliant for the people living on the island since it has opened up a whole sector of jobs for the people in the area. The hotel only employs staff who are currently living on the island so as to benefit them more.  Read more about him and his work on

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When it comes to the hotel, it is considered to be one of the best in the entire world. The hotel is a luxurious one that beats any beach destination. The surrounding area that the hotel is built on has provided a beautiful setup, which is also why Chris Burch decided to make it in this area. The island has some of the whitest sand and the most pristine waters which make it look like a paradise on earth. The Nihiwatu has seen people come here from all over the world. Celebrities and travelers have come to this luxury destination and have been wowed by the absolute beauty that encapsulates this entire place. Travel + Leisure Magazine voted the Nihiwatu as one of their top hotels in the whole world, which is also why the hotel has become so incredibly popular. Check

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The hotel has over twenty-seven villas that serve as a home to the people visiting the hotel. Upon arrival, all the visitors are given their staff as well as their butler to tend to every need that one might have. Guest who comes here are given the most luxurious experience and are treated like absolute royalty. The hotel has almost all the amenities that one could ask for. Each villa has their private infinity pool and fully fledged villas. The hotel also has exquisite spas and restaurants within the premises to offer their visitors nothing short of the very best to make their visit to the Nihiwatu worthwhile and truly a one of a kind experience.  For timeline activity update, click on this.

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Chris Burch Brings the Award-Winning Chef Andres Morataya to Nihiwatu

Chef Andres Morataya is a highly sought-out-after chef from Panama. He’s built a startling reputation for himself against overwhelming odds. Starting out, the chef didn’t even have the finances to set up his premier restaurant, Panga. Andres Morataya never gave up. The challenges only strengthened his resolve and determination to succeed. That’s when Chef Morataya pioneered a unique approach known as ‘back to basics’. Instead of purchasing the expensive kitchen and cooking equipment from the stores, Andres used ready-made materials to build functioning grills. Afterward, there was no stopping his meteoric ascent to the top of the food game, both figuratively and literally.

Summer Parties at the Hamptons

Chris Burch, CEO of the VC firm, Burch Creative Capital and a veteran hotel entrepreneur, wasted no time in hiring Chef Andres as his head chef. Andres often gets called up to tend to the VIP guests partying at Burch’s Hamptons beach mansion. Chris Burch is in advanced talks to bring chef Andres to work on his award-winning resort in Bali, Indonesia.

Andres is expected to start his tenure at the resort in November 2017. Speaking in response to his upcoming appointment, Chef Andres hoped to continue his creative and unique cooking approaches, despite having fully furnished kitchens at the resort.  Related article on

Chris Burch’s Biography

Christopher Burch is an avid entrepreneur whose name is synonymous with creating disruptive innovative brands. Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital, a company that specializes in identifying lucrative opportunities in both developed and emerging markets. He’s responsible for building more than 50 companies have transformed into global powerhouses in four decades. Burch Creative Capital manages a broad and diversified portfolio that includes investments in hospitality, retail, technology, apparel, health and organic food sectors. The brand recently earned a vital endorsement from the talk-show queen, Ellen DeGeneres.

Early Life and Education

Christopher Burch, 64, is a billionaire investor who loves adventure and exploring. In 1972 to 1976, he pursued a business degree at the Ithaca Business College. More to read on   Today, Burch has personally built over 13 companies valued in the millions of dollars. He owns companies like Rappi, Hooch, Hooch, Split, Bib + Tuck and Nanoleaf. His refined business acumen landed him appointments at several companies’ boards. Chris serves as an advisor and investor on Grability, Chubbies Sports, Poppin and at Nihiwatu. Burch is an extraordinary philanthropist who takes great pride in lifting the less-fortunate people in the community from their conditions. Learn more about the incredible charity work by Chris Burch on his official website.  For his recent timeline activities, hop over to this.

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Omar Yunes Talks about What Made his Mexicano the Best Franchise in the World

Omar Yunes, a leading Mexican entrepreneur in the hospitality sector, explained what made his franchise, Mexicano, becoming the best franchise in the world. He said that the hard work more than 400 employees of the various units of the franchise played a critical role in making a difference. Also, the brand, Sushi Itto, gave space for the franchise to innovate – a key parameter for the competition. It should be noted that Yunes’ franchise won the 2015 BFW Award on Dec. 5, 2015, for the best franchise. The Best Franchise of the World competition held in Florence, Italy, and it recognized the contributions of Yunes and Mexicano to the brand, Sushi Itto. Diego Elizarrarrás, the organizer of the Mexican version of BFW, confirmed that the franchise won the Award for making a difference in brand-franchise relationships, implementing control boards, executing clear measurements in each unit, and more.

Various franchises from 34 countries participated in the BFW – 2015 competition, including Portugal, Hungary, Mexico, Argentina, France, Brazil, Italy, and more. The competition did not consider the franchises as brands. Instead, it evaluated a number of factors including the influence the franchise created on the network, improvements proposed to the brand, contributions imparting knowledge, the motivation of employees, savings implemented on the network, and more. Benjamin Cancelmo, CEO of the brand Sushi Itto, confirmed that the recognition is reflecting the continued efforts of both the brand and the franchise in providing a remarkable flavor, unique hospitality, and excellent customer service.

Omar Yunes has also invested in retail and entertainment sectors apart from the hospitality. He started his business ventures at very young age and founded the first unit of Mexicano at the age of 21. With deep market insights, Yunes expanded the presence of the Sushi Itto franchise across all the major cities in the country. Currently, it has 13 units, and that counts for almost 10 percent of the total number of Sushi Itto units. Yunes’ franchise participated in the Mexican version of BFW competition in November 2015 and became the best franchise in the country. This helped it to be eligible for the global BFW competition held in December 2015.