Raj Fernando’s Endeavors in the Internet and Financial Services Industries


Raj Fernando is the founder, CEO, and chairman of the board of Scoutahead, an internet start-up located in Chicago. Over the years, Scoutahead specializes in improving business and professional growth and productivity through advanced and secure ICT systems that deliver reliable information to businesses. Raj Fernando graduated from Beloit College with a post-graduate degree in Economics and History. Later on, he joined the University College of London further studies in financial-related courses.


Raj Fernando started his career as a volunteer at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange before his way up as the company’s board member between 1991 and 2001. In 2002, Fernando established Chopper Trading and served as its Chief Executive Officer. While at Chopper Trading, Fernando would handle complex risk management, ICT, and source code security systems. Leveraging his extensive experience in international financial markets and technological innovation, Raj Fernando helped Chopper Trading to start trading on the largest global exchanges such as CME, Nasdaq, LSE, ICE, Eurex, and ICAP-Broketek. In 2005, Chopper Trading was sold to DRW Trading, a Chicago-based trading firm and global-scale financial advisory services provider.

With a broad background in cyber security initiatives and international capital markets, Mr. Fernando contributes significantly towards the success of Chopper Trading as well as the boards and organizations he serves. While serving on the US Commodity Trading Futures Commission (CFTC), Fernando supported the Commission to accomplish its mission of fostering competitive, regulated, and transparent markets. Additionally, Raj featured as a panelist on the Commission’s discussion of disruptive trading practices in 2010. In 2013, Raj Fernando addressed an audience of international media and shareholders during the annual Rosenblatt Global Exchange Leader Conference. Currently, Fernando serves on the board of the American Security Project. He is also a member of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs as well as Foreign Policy Leadership Committee’s board member.


Raj Fernando’s is a philanthropist with significant accomplishments. Currently, he serves on the board of trustees of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra as well as PAWS Chicago’s board of directors. PAW Chicago is a humanitarian organization that advocates for animal rights. As a philanthropist, Raj Fernando supports charitable organizations such as the Clinton Foundation and Wounded Warriors.

For more information please visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raj_Fernando

Great Apartments Are Available For Lease Through Town Residential


Town Residential can help anyone looking for a place. A person who knows what they want as far as features in their new apartment will have an easier time finding the apartment they’re looking for, and they can easily make their final choice. New York City is incredible, and the number of apartments that are available in the city is vast, but not every apartment will have the amenities a person may be looking for. There may be a high-rise building with valet parking, but maybe the building doesn’t have a pool.

It’s possible that a low-rise building has a pool, but then there is no valet parking. Every apartment has certain features that will set them apart from other apartments that may be in the area. A person who really wants a great view of the city will most likely want a high-rise building with a balcony, but some may be able to do without the balcony. Those who like to exercise and swim will want an apartment that has a pool as well as a gym or at least inclusion of a gym membership.


Start a real estate search by calling Town Residential and setting up an appointment to give the real estate agent all the information they’ll need to find a great home. Town Residential doesn’t have to search for long to find great homes because many of them are already in their homes portfolio. Going to the Town Real Estate website will easily show anyone the different apartments they have for sale in New York City.


Not only are the homes that Town Residential represents absolutely beautiful, but some of them will go very fast, and some of the homes are also one-of-a-kind. Those who want an apartment can also find it through Town Residential. It’s best to inform the real estate agent about where the apartment should be located as well as any features that are necessary for the apartment to have. Finding an apartment in New York City can be a bit of a challenge, but those who work with Town Residential will find a superior apartment with no problems.

Foreign Investment In Brazil and Construcap


The Brazilian economy is no stranger to foreign investment. The country makes up one of the rapidly growing BRICS nations, which are poised to become superpowers in the very near future. Brazil’s amount of foreign investment (US $75.07 Billion in 2015) hasn’t been as high as that of China (US $248.86 Billion in 2015), but the amount of money invested in the country has increased at roughly the same rate as the former. The 2016 Rio Olympic Games brought the world’s spotlight upon the Latin American nation. This has provided a major boom to the construction industry in Brazil, which has been able to expand it’s presence throughout the country as a direct result of the 2016 Games and 2014 World Cup. Approximately $1.2 trillion in investment poured into the country from 2008-2013 as foreign investment.


One of the top 10 Brazilian construction companies is ConstruCap, which has been in business since 1944, as per Wikipedia. The company does much of Brazil’s large construction projects such as roads, airports, and highways. The company has a direct relationship with the infrastructure department of Sao Paolo because of their commitment to providing quality results. They are also in the business of building the huge underground oil pipelines which have financed much of the economic boom times in the country. It’s very reasonable to believe that this company is building the Brazilian economy based on the number of construction projects that they have been involved in.


In addition to it’s impressive portfolio of public infrastructure, the company has also built many large buildings in many cities throughout the country. These buildings have a wide range of purposes. Many of these new buildings serve as commercial retail or office spaces. However, many others serve as manufacturing facilities. These include production facilities for Jeep, Peugeot, Michelin, Fiat, as well as GM. Many of the natural resource companies in Brazil also trust Construcap for their facilities such as Petrobras, Copebras, and Solvay. These automotive and mining industry companies need great buildings and can know that they are able to trust Construcap.  Follow them through Facebook, and read more about their more recent projects on ABS.com.br.