Investment Success Continues For Igor Cornelsen


Igor Cornelsen has a name well known to those who have knowledge of the Brazilian financial industry, or those who have looked to discover more about the economy of the country through his writing with major news media outlets. Cornelsen has spent the majority of the last few decades at the very top of the Brazilian banking industry in a variety of roles with different financial institutions; the career of Cornelsen seemed to come to an end in 2010 with his retirement, but Igor Cornelsen wished to remain active in the financial industry and continue his own investment career.


As per LinkedIn, Cornelsen joined Bainbridge Investments inc. in 2011 with a remit to source the latest and most exciting investment opportunities from across the planet, with a particular focus placed on developing financial investments in Brazil and across South America. The investment specialist hopes his role with Bainbridge Investments will allow more clients than ever before to find financial success in Brazil, an economy he feels has been under appreciated in recent decades after it rose to the position of the fifth largest economy in the world.


Igor Cornelsen’s Tripod webpage shows that now in retirement, he divides his time between Florida and Brazil in a bid to both enjoy his retirement and stay abreast of the latest changes in the economy of both the U.S. and Brazil; Bainbridge Investments Inc. is located in the Bahamas and works with Cornelsen in a bid to expand its investment opportunities across the globe. Although golf now takes up a large portion of the time of Igor he also makes sure he remains up to date on the best investment opportunities in Brazil where he has developed a deep understanding of the successful economy Brazil currently enjoys.  Turn to PR Newswire, to see how Igor Cornelsen gives you the basics on Brazilian banking.

Thor Halvorssen Brings His Own Form Of Activism To The Human Rights Community

The human rights community has recently been shaken up by the decision of activist Thor Halvorssen to go his own way with the establishment of the Human Rights Foundation. Halvorssen has been a major part of the human rights activism community since the 1990s when he was a student at the University of Pennsylvania, but made a splash in 2005 when he decided to establish the Human Rights Foundation; unlike other foundations and activism groups the HRF keeps its group of workers low and is headed by a board including various former political prisoners and politicians.

Thor Halvorssen is a respected human rights activist, and also works as a film producer with an ever expanding output that now includes fiction and non-fiction productions. The initial movies produced by the Venezuelan born activist included those based on the human rights abuses taking place in Europe’s communist bloc during the middle of the 20th century; in recent months it has been announced Halvorssen is spreading his output to include science fiction movies made with high profile producers and directors.

Thor does not limit himself to the film world when it comes to his work as a human rights activist, but also looks to bring awareness to people around the world by making appearances at institutions where human rights activism is not generally a topic of discussion.

Appearances with the United Nations and at the British Houses of Parliament have been well received, and accompanied by the cause of human rights being discussed by Halvorssen on traditionally conservative news media outlets. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

Thor has become well known for the establishment and work completed by the Human Rights Foundation in securing the freedom of various political prisoners, but the creation of the Oslo Freedom Forum has impressed people from all walks of life and political backgrounds. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

A major conference held in Oslo each year, the Freedom Forum brings well known and newly uncovered human rights issues to the attention of the broadcasters, human rights activists, and celebrities from around the world.

Creating Better Online Reputations

Creating better online reputations is very important for businesses that are trying to get the best results for their companies. They know that they have been hit pretty hard because they can see how negative things are online, and they need to remember that it is much easier for a company like Status Labs to help them. Status Labs is run out of Austin, Texas where the company is making sure that they can get the reputations of their clients to come back to normal after a major crisis. They have a method for helping every client who comes through the door, and they want to be sure that they can help the client look better.


Someone who is trying to make the best choices for their online reputation cannot do these things alone. They should not waste their time doing things that will be too hard for them to conquer on their own because Status Labs has planned to help every client in the way that they need the most. It might be hard for someone to even conceive of how their reputation can get better, and this is why they need to ask Status Labs to help.


Status Labs is a brilliant company that knows how to help people get their reputation back, and they are very skilled in the realm of online reputations. They know how to do press releases to help people get their information out there, and they also want to know for a fact that they can show results to the client. They can prove to the client that things are getting better with every new step of the plan. The plan was created to make the company look better in the end, and the plan is there to show that a client can have their good name back in the end.

More information for Status Labs:

Jim Hunt’s Successful Investment Tips


Jim Hunt is the Chief Executive Officer of VTA Publications. The financial advisor has created a YouTube account where he shares his investment experiences to the public for free. Hunt has a unique talent in predicting trade in the bull market. He is popular due to his target of average investor in his YouTube videos, found here Jim founded VTA with an objective of helping the average man to have financial freedom from the banks.

His business ideas are channeled towards providing solutions to the needs of his clients. Jim has adopted the act of reading widely and carrying out a lot of research. It enables him to offer practical solutions to its customers’ needs. He considers the biotech world the most exciting trend. Jim believes it will bring unimaginable medical solutions.


For one to be a successful entrepreneur, Jim Hunt calls for top-notch discipline. He says he always set goals that he makes sure are accomplished. Jim’s secret to success also involves listening to complains from his clients then solving them. Hunt did not like working at the bank because he never liked the treatment the customers received.


Information is power, and that explains why Jim spent his best $100 to subscribe to expert financial research. He feels the little amount has earned him great deals. His best software is Infusionsoft and Aweber. He has used them in data management and the creation of web pages respectively. Hunt recommends Rich Dad, Poor Dad to readers who would want to understand how money flows. People like Jesse Livermore influence Jim’s thinking.


Roles of VTA Publications

VTA Publications was founded in December 2012, and its headquarters are in Norfolk. VTA focuses on long distance learning courses. The non-fiction publishing company has made its information available to its broad range of clients globally. Its main aim is to provide physical and digital information to its global customers. VTA specializes in the fields of finance and economics.


The publications company also serves its clients through organizing events and seminars to offer them finance and economics information. As at Dec 2015, the company had one director, no active secretaries, and one shareholder. Find them on CrunchBase for more information.

Why You Need an Investment Adviser

Investment has several factors that require a lot of time, energy and decision making. Given the risky nature of business today, it is important that you manage your business well. Without proper management, the business might fail. This is where investment advisory comes in. With a good investment adviser, you have the opportunity to do things differently and in a more streamlined manner.

There is a point in investment journey where you feel like every decision you are making is a mistake. If you constantly feel this way, you may need the intervention of a financial adviser to help you out and make you relax. Sometimes experience plays a significant role when it comes to managing a business. Also, some people who have not managed more than a five-figure account may want to manage a six-figure account. This can be a new and challenging experience that requires the skills of an investment adviser.

 Finding a Good Investment Adviser

One of the individuals who have made milestone achievements in investment advisory is Richard Blair, the CEO and founder of Wealth Solutions, an investment firm located in Austin, Texas.

Richard founded Wealth Solutions with the aim of creating revolutionary ways of providing financial investment services. He also wanted to make a positive impact on the lives of people in Texas.

 Richard has vast experience as an investment and financial adviser that spans more than 20 years. His love for education has shaped him into a person who has knowledge and confidence to achieve whatever he desires. Richard Blair was inspired by the fact that old people in the society lacked prudent solutions on how to invest their hard earned money.

Some of them even resorted to donating their money to charity or spending it extravagantly. As an individual who had experience in finance, he wanted to help this special group of people make great achievements in their lives by investing.

After he graduated from University of Houston with a degree in Finance, Blair joined millions of employed Americans in building the nation. He worked as a financial specialist in several companies before starting his own firm. He uses Wealth Solutions as a platform to explore his dreams and learn new tricks of doing business.

He is a prominent figure in the company, and his employees look up to him for advice and solutions to problems. Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is an embodiment of success and good leadership.

Danilo Diaz-Granados Plans An Ultra Event That Conquers The Land, Air, And Sea


Danilo is a man with many talents and no limits. He has his hands on financial advising, startups, and now the latest addition to his resume; event planning which he began in 2013. He clearly is a definition of beyond limits. Danilo’s most recent event took place in July in Miami. His affluent guests described it as “an incredible action-filled” event.


The elegant event featured exclusive previews, fine cuisine, and champagne. In addition to that elegance, the hyper-sensory event featured helicopter rides, a sunset boat ride and time at the race track. Danilo expressed his delight at the event’s success and claimed he wanted to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the guests.


The esteemed guests at his July’s event were treated to an intimate breakfast at the One Thousand Museum Sales Center in Dame Zaha Hadid. To cap off a great breakfast, they were given a private preview of a high-end residential building in the Biscayne region of Miami.


The guests were then privileged to a helicopter ride Palm Beach Race Track. They all got a chance to get behind the wheel and take a spin around the famous race track. The event proceeded as guests went to have lunch at the River Yacht Club, in which Dom Perignon was served. To wrap up the eventful day, they went out on a sunset boat ride.


About Danilo Diaz Granados


Danilo Diaz Granados studied at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts where he achieved a Bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship and economics. He later started his career as an investment adviser and an entrepreneur with operations in Miami, Florida. As an entrepreneur, Danilo Diaz Granados manages resources for his businesses.


Since 2015, Danilo has been a partner at Fireman Capital Partners. There, he was in charge of investigating global issues affecting investments such as hedge funds, energy efficiency, and development of innovative startups. In addition to that, he was tasked with conducting environmental analysis for information on social, demographic and innovative business to be better suited to advise private investors accordingly. This embodiment of environmental analysis allowed Danilo Diaz Granados to reach correct decisions on investment opportunities before advising their clients.  Check out one of Danilo’s most recent blog posts, to see what he really has to say about what’s happening in the world today.


The Tax Path of CML

After graduating from the University of Otago in 1980 with degrees in tax and trust law, Geoffrey Cone began to practice law in Auckland and then Christchurch of New Zealand. During these years he mastered commercial litigation and tax and trust advisory work. In 1997 he left Christchurch to resume legal work in Auckland. In 1999, he founded the firm, Cone Marshall Limited, specializing in international trust and planning, and the provision of management services. In 2005, Karen Marshall joined the CML team.

Like Cone, Marshall also attended and graduated from the University of Otago. After graduation, she practiced Commercial Litigation in London for ten years. A year after joining the CML team in 2005, Karen Marshall became a principal of the firm. During her time with the firm she has acted as advisor for two statutory trustee companies and represented and advised trustees of charitable trusts. She has also managed trusts and responded to requests from settlors, drafted documentation of trusts, provided trust deeds to clients, and advised clients concerning needs.

There has been a popular rumor that New Zealand is a tax haven of sorts. CML is testament to the fact that this is extremely untrue. Although there are definitely tax havens in the world, Cone assures us that New Zealand is not one of them. With his vast expertise on this very subject, he would know better than anyone in the world. Tax havens are places that do not abide by the agreed upon international tax regulations and where there is no transparency at all. New Zealand is both of these to the enth degree.

In fact, New Zealand was one of the first countries to be put on the very highly internationally respected OECD white list. Largely with the help of CML, New Zealand is particularly high respected for its handling of foreign trust and trustee affairs. The country began its move toward concentration in this area in 2006. Since this time, tax regulations in New Zealand have been incredibly tight. There is now an intense record and accounting system concerning all transactions. Everything has to be recorded in English and kept tightly within New Zealand. It has also enacted a whopping 39 double tax agreements to help reduce tax obstacles in foreign trades and to help prevent tax avoidance and evasion. Plus, it has more than 20 tax information exchange agreements with other countries. So yeah, New Zealand takes international tax transparency very seriously.

Covers.Com Has Everything Betters Need and More

When it comes to betting on college basketball, especially around March Madness, things can get pretty intense but also quite enjoyable. Oftentimes, people at work have different pools they are involved in and they have bets with co-workers. It is a great way to pass the time and it makes every game a whole lot of fun to watch. It allows people to learn more about the game, the ranked teams, and of course, the always fun upsets. It seems like every March Madness, there is an upset of some sorts. It throws everyone’s pool out of whack and makes things quick interesting to say the least.

It has been mentioned that college football can be even more exciting than the NFL at times, but when it comes to college basketball, it might be the most exciting sport out there to watch. That is why a bettor needs a website like They have sports picks, March Madness odds, videos, and experts opinions. They have everything covered, so when someone places a bet, they can have confidence they made the right bet. They cover point spreads as well. Every possible aspect of betting is on there and it is covered in great detail. is truly the only site one needs for sports betting. As stated, there is nothing on the website that isn’t covered. When it comes to college basketball, that is when they are really needed as they step up to the plate and deliver top-notch information and analysis that will have you winning at the office in your office pool. That extra money can be used to treat yourself to something or make put a little away in your savings. It is truly up to you and what you feel comfortable with and how you want to use the money.

Whether someone is casual about this or they want to make some serious dough, there is nowhere else to look but They have the odds covered and they go into tremendous detail. They do not just give picks without explaining why. Again, this is not supposed to be stressful of filled with anxiety. It is supposed to be something that is fun, enjoyable, and really thrilling. Winning is fun and it is infectious. They keep their eye on every aspect of the game, even aspects others might have overlooked or forgotten about all together. They are called for a reason.