Talk Fusion Sets The Example In Being More Than Just Another Company

If you ask CEO and Founder, Bob Reina about Talk Fusion he’ll tell you it’s about people. The relatively new but rapidly growing company is setting trends and records when it comes to communications and the services related. They are most famous for their video email service which allows you to embed 5-10 minute videos into your desired email.

The service was very small, to begin with, as all things are. It was Reina and a close friend of his who knew how to produce the tech. The idea was shot down with a firm no from America Online (AOL) when it was proposed to them. Due to Bob Reina’s persistence and can-do way of thinking, his dream is a reality in a very big way nowadays.

The service is a great communications tool for business or otherwise and is far more efficient than the scrolling and text method that we’re all accustomed to. If you’re not familiar with how to make a video email, they have 1,000 pre-made and ready to use. As of today, Talk Fusion is a helping hand to many charities for humanity and animals. The company’s corporate culture has giving engrained into it in a big way.

This may be in large to do with Reina’s background as a police officer. Since the company opened it’s doors back in 2007, it has been dedicated to bettering the quality of life for people all over the world. Reina also recently implemented a program which allows for employees to give one free account to a charity of their choice. The company has quickly become the chief contender in the communications ring for new and exciting ways to do business and promote charities.

The more that his employees and associates donate and do for others, the more clearly the company etches it’s vision into the collective business markets and other areas. The company now spans over 140 countries and they’re expanding as these words are being typed. Who knows what’s next for them? Chances are it will be big as well.