Kyle Bass Loses His Predictive Abilities

Kyle Bass is one of the most respected and successful hedge fund managers in the United States. In a recent article with Gold Seek to discuss his thoughts on China’s current struggles and the future of their economy. Bass feels that China has a long way to go before they can kiss their economic struggles goodbye. His trading positions depend on the outcome of China’s economy. If his predictions about the continued fall of the economy are correct, his bets will pay off, but China will suffer more economically than they already are. Although his 2016 bet was unsuccessful, Kyle Bass was able to successfully predict the credit crash of 2008, and made headlines as a result of his prediction. The Wall Street Journal notes that roughly 85% of Bass’s Hayman Capital Management is heavily focused on shorting Asian currencies.

In 2001 he was nominated for his direction and scripting of the hit movie “The Sixth Sense”. He was seen as s genius, and known to excel at everything that he does.Kyle Bass earned is fortune based off of his 2008 mortgage crisis prediction. The accuracy of the coming suffering of other made Bass a substantial profit. After a streak of good luck and large profits, the Hayman Capital Management company founder lost his touch. His ability to predict the status of the economy has been replaced with a few bad guess and questionable alliances. Over the last two years, we have seen a major increase in media appearances and a decrease in fund performance. These media appearances are seen as nothing but a desperate attempt from Bass to reestablish his name. In a very controversial move, Bass showed full support for Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Kirchner is known for making irresponsible and irrational financial moves, and is considered the worst thing that ever happened to their Argentina’s economy.

The relationship between Bass and Kirchner should come as no surprise. The two are both known for shady financial endeavors. Bass heavily supports kirchner’s obscene approach to economics. Together they have been able to blind side their own company out of thousands of dollars. Kyle Bass may be one of the most successful in the industry, but his success came the heavy bargain, morals over money.

The Beneficial Characteristics Of The Famous Shea Butter

Shea butter is extracted from the seeds of Shea tree and is widely used to improve the skin and hair. It has several benefits as it is rich in vitamins, fatty acids and nutrients. The natural vitamins and fatty acids help in nourishing and moisturizing the skin. Cinnamic acids aid in the reduction of skin inflammation and mutations. This makes it ideal for people with acne. Shea has an anti-ageing benefit as it strengthens the skin and increases microcirculation thus reduces wrinkles.

The natural production of collagen and the presence of stearic, oleic, palmitic and linolenic acids protect and prevent the skin from drying and hence smoothens it. Shea butter has a healing agent as it heals skin disorders such as eczema, insect bites and psoriasis and accelerates wound healing. The healing property helps in treating skin allergies, scars and blemishes. It also helps in warding off stretch marks and offers UV protection. The Vitamins A, E and F allow it to have antioxidant qualities. Shea also soothes dry and irritated scalp and protects, revitalize and softens the hair.

Many cosmetics company uses Shea butter as an ingredient in their products, and one such company is Eugenia Shea. The company is a family run business that empowers women in the areas it operates in. Eugenia Aukwete is a Ghanaian, who grew up using Shea butter as is the tradition in the country. The company whose name means origin of greatness has three main products. All the products undergo quality testing to ensure they keep up with global standards. The Shea butter used in the products is 100% pure and does not contain additives or chemicals.

The Everyday Shea Butter is a product that combines qualities of raw Shea and the use of traditional creams. The ingredients used are 82.5% Shea butter, Shea oils, baobab oils, moringa oils and lavender/ grapefruit essential oils. Pregnancy Strength Shea Butter is a product that has the above ingredients with a higher percentage of the Shea butter. The formula used helps in fighting stretch marks associated with a growing baby bump. The Dermatological Strength Shea Butter is suitable for people who have scars or have undergone surgery. It also helps soften rough heels and dry hands. The third product contains 100% Shea butter.

Discover The Benefits Of Lime Crime Cosmetics For Your Look & Your Wallet

Lime Crime is an increasingly popular cosmetic line and a great entrepreneurial opportunity for women . Lime Crime creator Doe Deere offers great products and money making solutions for their users. You get an assortment of bright hues that differ from traditional makeup suppliers. Deere has been awarded the top inspiring female entrepreneur by Self Made magazine. They have quickly become the leader of the cosmetic industry. Get the right look you want and save money with a reliable line of products. Don Deere is an accomplished artist and has a creative imagination with color.

Don Deere has an impressive line that is unique to the industry. Lime Crime offers free shipping with all their products. Their line of makeup will inspire your wardrobe. In fact, Lime Crime works for any occasion including changing your mood from a daytime to evening look, as pictures from Tumblr suggest. Individuals with an active lifestyle love the versatility of the Lime Crime makeup line. They promote individuality with many unique colors of eye shadows, lipsticks, and accessories. Users can have fun with Lime Crime with a huge number of selections for a fraction of the cost of their competitors, but you’re still offered, but you’re still offered superior quality.

Many women are in search of a good makeup line that will help their skin, but still give them a superior look. The need for an explosive brand with plenty of new products, accessories, and colors available. Their line of cosmetics and accessories appeals to a unique group of people. You can’t be afraid to color outside the lines and get creative. Lime Crime is the first cosmetic line to introduce accessories and clothing that accents their makeup. Customers can order all the unique makeup choices, accessories, and clothes that they want and have them shipped right to their door. Lime Crime proudly supports most forms of payment including debit and credit cards. You’ll love putting your makeup on everyday and getting dressed in an unique outfit that will impress all of your friends.  Also, be sure to join the fun on their Facebook page.

Healthy Living gets sued by Nutrimost over stolen video

Nutrimost filed a lawsuit in Federal Court stating that its rival, Healthy Living, stole a promotional video from its website and placed it on their own. The video stolen by Healthy Living shows the same content as the original Nutrimost video, but any and all references to Nutrimost were removed and replaced with the “Can’t Lose Diet”, that could be found on Healthy Living’s website, can’

According to court documents, both videos are the same. Both videos from each website show that a person on the weight loss program can lose from 25 to 45 lbs in 40 days without having to exercise or be hungry. The videos also show that no harmful drugs are used in the program, no prepackaged weight loss meals or hormone therapy is used.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

The stolen video continued to be shown on the website can’, even after Healthy Living received a cease-and-desist letter. There was only one small change made to the video, and that was the video was made shorter than it was before. As it stands, the video has not been shown again on can’, and Nutrimost wants the court to keep from the video ever being shown on it again. Plus, Nutrimost weight loss system wants at least $300,000 in punitive damages.

Nutrimost, the company who calls themselves the “Ultimate Weight Loss Program“, has an new weight loss program that will allow a person to lose between 25 and 40 pounds of weight in 40 days. This revolutional program is safe and is carefully watched over by a doctor.

The author of this revolutionary diet is Dr. Ray Wisniewski, a practioner of a medicine that combines spiritual health wisdom and understanding with leading science. This medicine is called “pastoral medicine”. A representative from Healthy Living couldn’t be reached for any comment.

SEC Whistleblowers Are There When Needed

The government of the United States has wisely recognized that employees today should be encouraged as often as possible to speak out when they see a problem of some kind. Government officials also realize that doing so can be a problem in many ways. A person who speaks out because they have noticed a problem in their work space may be acting against people they have come to like. They may be speaking out even though they know that the decision to do so can cause them personally all kinds of problems including the possible loss of their own income and their long-standing job.

Help For Speaking Out

Government officials have decided that the best way they can provide the kind of help that people need is by being able those doing so a fiscal bounty of some kind. This is why they created a fiscal reward program in the aftermath of a banking crisis. The aim of the program is offer sums of money that can help tide over any person who chooses to come forward in the event they notice such a problem. They are able to do so and realize that a significant sum of money may be waiting for them. This can be a lot of money should the person reveal a serious problem with a major company.

Legal Help For Whistleblowers

One firm that has also rushed to help is that of Labaton Sucharow. This firm was the very first to offer a legal program that is all about offering counsel for such whistleblowers. The company has specifically helped to train lawyers to focus on all areas of the laws concerning this act, helping them offer a focused program that is all about making sure anyone in need has the legal help to get them through the process of speaking out.

Effective Counsel

Effective counsel is a necessity. A person who is speaking out may face questions from various state agencies as well as questions from all those who are charged with investigating the issues they have helped to bring out into the open. They are there for their clients at every step of this often quite involved process, allowing for all those with this case to be confident they are getting the skilled legal help they need in the process. This is why so many have turned to them for this kind of help.

New clothing, and a new website for Steelers fans

A new clothing line and a new website is out for fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and it’s wildly popular. The changes are intended to get team clothing out into the mainstream public, and those changes have turned some heads.

There is a new Pittsburgh Steelers director of strategic planning in Susan McGalla, who in her own right has some serious knowledge of the fashion business. Susan McGalla has served as the president of American Eagle Outfitters and the CEO of Wet Seal.

Susan McGalla’s changes have made huge improvements in the clothing line, offering men and women more modern choices in what they can buy. Susan McGalla started by bringing in focus groups to see what people wanted in team gear. She made fans feel extremely welcome as if they were a part of the Steelers family.

Men, unless it was a special occasion, couldn’t wear team gear at the office, but now the clothing line has team shirts that are perfectly suited to the office environment. Women wanted clothing that made them look and feel more feminine, and Susan McGalla delivered in a huge way. Young female fans of the team can even buy clothing with sleeves that have thumbholes, a very popular style.

There is a new and improved website where the clothing can by bought, where complete views and prices of team products can be seen. The shopping experience is much quicker and easier.

The Steelers organization has a contest out where fans can wear their favorite fan gear, take pictures of themselves, and enter a chance to win a Steelers-themed wardrobe.


A Product That Can Hook Your Hair Up

Emily McClure from the Bustle wanted to do an experiment with the Wen hair cleansing conditioner. Wen’s cleansing conditioner is an all in one product that is featured by Chaz Dean. This is a product that he invented, because he was frustrated with the different hair products that were on the market. Many hair products are full of chemicals, parabens, and other ingredients that can actually strip hair of its moisture. Chaz Dean wanted to be able to create a product that would help an individual seal in moisture while cleansing their hair as well.

Dean started off as a photographer, but soon his love of photography lead him to a love of hair. Dean was able to become a cosmetologist, and he worked in many well-known hair salons. Dean wanted to be able to help his clients to get a better haircare product, so he created Wen hair. Wen hair has gained much acclaim especially on Total, because it is able to work with any hair type, and it promises to give women bouncy, shiny, and thick hair.

McClure wanted to see if Wen cleansing conditioner was going to be able to help her fine here. McClure decided that she would use the product over the course of seven days, and she documented her results. She found that the Wen cleansing product made her hair feel more thick and full. She would generally use the product every day in the morning, but if she were to miss one day of washing her hair, her hair would get very greasy quickly.

McClure went out with some friends one evening, and they even commented about how shiny and bouncing her her hair looked. It was definitely an ego boost to know that the product was actually making her hair look better. In conclusion, McClure does believe that the Sephora endorsed Wen cleansing conditioner is a great product to use on fine here. It is best for those women who wash their hair every day, because it leaves hair feeling cleansed, bouncy, shiny and thick.

Choose Wen Hair care! Visit

Talk Fusion Lends a Hand to Businesses


Congratulations, you opened up your business! You have worked hard to get to this place, but there is still more work to be done. The next step would be to market your business in order to attract customers to your business and eventually turn them into repeat customers. Marketing your business might seem a little difficult to do at first, but there is a solution out there for you that will make things easier.

Talk Fusion is a video marketing solution offering video products that will help your business get noticed. Some of the video products that are available are Video Newsletters, Video Email, Video Chat, and Live Meetings. What is great about these products is that anyone is able to use them as they are very user friendly. They are also affordable, so you can rest assured you will not be breaking the bank when it comes to purchasing these products. Another great thing is that they are compatible on all mobile devices. That means when you record a video, potential customers are able to watch that video on their phones or tablets. All you need to do is record the video and upload it to your email. You do not have to worry about including a separate link where customers are redirected somewhere else.

Bob Reina, Founder and CEO, announced recently that he will be allowing new users the chance to try out these products with a 30-day free trial period. New users will be able to have access to all of Talk Fusion’s products and see if they work for their business. Bob stands by his video products and guarantees your sales will increase dramatically and you will have repeat customers in no time. He wanted products that were affordable and easy to use because he cares about others.

Bob is a big believer in the power of giving back. This message strongly ties in with Talk Fusion’s mission. He wants to help out as many people as possible whether they are friends and family, animal charities, or communities. He believes everyone deserves some help, which is why these products were created.