Seniors Experience a Loving Community Environment at The Manse on the Marsh

Chris Skiff is the owner of the premier independent and assisted living facility, The Manse on Marsh in San Luis Obispo CA. Skiff has a career of developing incredible award-winning senior communities that focus on the quality of life, and he has been leading The Manse on the Marsh for over 15 years.  They’ve also got a very popular Twitter following because of their commitment to care.

This facility has won over 10 awards since 2001, several of those showing the Best Retirement Community in California. Mr. Skiff is skilled and knowledgeable with a talent for providing senior citizens an exceptional way of life in their later years. The Manse is an outstanding assisted living facility where seniors can enjoy life with others sharing the same season of life.

With a remarkable staff, the residents have all the accommodations and amenities to make their lives peaceful and carefree. Friends and family are invited to visit often to share relaxing with the residents. The team has a motto, which is expressed “as serving others so compassionately that it enriches their lives every day.” This is the purpose that Mr. Skiff instills in all of the staff, and it explains why the community is filled with a caring atmosphere.

From the minute a resident walks through the door, the Manse Team offers dignity, service and respect that older adults deserve. The dedication and respect reach into every area of life in the community. The property and facility are kept immaculate, and the meals are prepared with constant concern for an older adults’ tastes and preferences. These features display the professionalism that has been established in this exquisite assisted living facility.

The living spaces combine to create a spectacular and unique neighborhood. The Manse offers studios, one bedroom suites, free-standing cottages, and single homes, so the resident has their choice to be as independent as they choose and still retain all of the same amenities and services.

Every day of the year has planned activities if the resident desires, and the spectacular Atrium opens to a bistro, movie theater, library, and personal salon. Residents can continue with their lives without leaving the facility. The Manse on Marsh has earned its outstanding credentials by keeping the residents in first place.

Norka Luque Is Following Her Dream And The Music World Loves Her For It

Shakira is the most recognized Venezuelan recording artist in the world today. But that title may not be hers for much longer. There’s another Venezuelan singer that is turning heads and creating a buzz in the record world. Her name is Norka Luque. Shakira has always been Norka’s idol. Norka dreamed of becoming a singer like Shakira, and she has accomplished that mission. Norka was nominated for the female vocalist of the year award in 2011, for her single, “Can I Do It Tu.” Her 2012 single, “Milagro” hit number 11 on the Billboard Magazine’s top recordings list, and her 2016 release is already creating talk about another nomination.

Norka was born in Caracas, and her full name is Norka Dubrazka Soraya Martínez Luque, but just like her idol, her fans just call her Norka. Norka began her musical career at eight. She was cast in a musical that honored the music of Shakira, and from that performance came a love for Shakira and her music. Norka studied piano and took voice lessons, but she also wanted to learn about business. Her parents supported her singing career, but they also wanted her to complete her education. Norka went to France after completing high school and took business administration courses. She liked school, but her singing was still priority number one. Norka joined a small group that played in the dance clubs on the weekends, and that experience gave her the confidence to continue to follow her dream.

In 2007, she made another life changing decision. She went to a Ricky Martin concert and decided she wanted to move to Ft. Lauderdale after reading Ricky’s bio. Norka followed her instincts. She moved to Miami and got a singing job in one of the Latino dance clubs. Norka developed a loyal following, and before she knew it, the club was packed with dancers seven days a week. Norka’s name was being dropped by people in the industry, and when Emilio Estefan heard a recording of one of her performances from a friend, he knew he had to offer her a record deal before someone else did. The rest of the story is music history. Norka’s style and energy have turned the Latino community upside down. Thanks to Estefan and Latino composer Archie Pena, Norka is known throughout Latin America, and her name and music are topics of conversation in the mainstream music scene.

Twitter: @norkaluque

James Dondero Gives Back to the Community

Highland Capital Management is considered to be one of the best and most prestigious investment firms in Dallas, Tx. This investment firm has always been ahead of its game and has offered the best advice when it comes to investment. Highland Capital Management was co-founded and is currently owned by James Dondero who started this company in 1993 with the purpose of providing the most up to date and unique advice and solutions to clients. This company holds billions of dollars in assets and specializes in investments in global equity, fixed income, as well as hedge fund markets. The focus of these investments that are made is to have leveraged loans as well as bonds that yield high. Mr. Dondero has decades of experience that has been put to good use in helping others find the best investment opportunities that are based upon the client’s requirements.

As the co-founder and president of this investment firm, Dondero has become dedicated to giving back to his community of Dallas. James Dondero, in recent news, has formed a partnership for the purpose of giving back to the community and to spur wealth and economic growth while helping others that are in need. This partnership is between Highland Capital Management and Linda Owen who is a civic leader of the community and is also a dedicated individual who has a passion for giving back to the community. Linda Owen has extensive experience with her civic duties as she is the former president of the Woodall Rodger Park Foundation. Her role with Highland Capital will prove to be a vital one.

James is excited to work with Ms. Owen because he knows her track record and knows how much his company could truly give back to the community with her help. An example of Linda Owen’s accomplishments with the company include a recent $3 million donation to the community of Dallas that will give back to several causes. Some of the causes that this company is the most passionate about includes healthcare, education, as well as the troubles that veterans often face when coming home.


The Manns Donate Scholarship To The Uncommon Schools

It was announced in the end of January that Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners and his wife Keely Mann have been working with Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn, New York, to provide a $5,000 scholarship to one deserving high school senior every year.

Keith Mann, a huge advocate for education, have decided to donate the scholarship to the Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn every year so that a high school senior has the means to go to college. Scholarship applicants must write a 1,000 word essay on how this scholarship will help the student achieve their professional dreams through attending college. The essay competition stays open for all Uncommon School seniors in the Brooklyn schools starting every year until the end of February. Then one lucky winner is announced in March.

Uncommon Schools have built and maintained over 44 charter schools across New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts with 14,000 students in attendance. Uncommon School’s goal is to prepare low- income students grades K – 12 in obtaining a college degree. Keith Mann firmly believes in the partnership with Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn to see students excel and achieve their personal best.

Mr. Mann, a fifteen year veteran in the executive search industry and an expert in dealing with staffing for hedge fund management firms, is the founder and current CEO of Dynamics Search Partners (DSP). Started in 2009, DSP scouts out strong leaders in the hedge fund industry and pairs up talented hedge fund analysts with leading hedge fund companies across the United States, Europe, and Asia. DSP has become the leading staffing agency in the world for hedge fund analysts.

Businesses can Benefit from a Wikipedia Page

Almost every major business has a Wikipedia page. People go to Wikipedia in order to get information on topics that they are interested. One of the main draws of Wikipedia is that there is information on almost every topic that anyone is interested in. Wikipedia has information up on businesses, clothing, history, movies, and even video games. A lot of small businesses now make a Wikipedia page so that they can get awareness out about their business or anything else that they want people to know about. However, there are a few guidelines that should be followed in order to create and edit a Wikipedia page up without it getting banned.

One guideline is that the business or topic that one is creating a page on is renowned. For instance, if someone is promoting his own business, it must be a well known business that has articles written about it. These articles have to be published online so that others can read it. Of course, one has to create an account on Wikipedia in order to submit content. Afterwards, one has to find articles on his business that has a lot of information so that he can prove to Wikipedia that his business has a lot of visibility. If all of these guidelines are being met, then Wikipedia business page creation is possible.

All of this can be overwhelming for someone who hasn’t created a Wikipedia page before. Fortunately, there are professionals that could put together a Wikipedia page. One company is Get Your Wiki. At Get Your Wiki you can hire Wikipedia editors to put together a Wikipedia page that very informative. They will make sure all of the facts are checked. They will also make sure to provide sources for the information that is presented about the company of their clients by regularly making Wikipedia updates. They will also make sure that content they provide is optimized for search engines. This would be a good way to spread awareness about a business of any size.

Doug Levitt Draws From Experiences of Greyhound Travelers

One thing that could be said about Greyhound is that it can be a rich source of experiences and life stories. For one thing, a lot of people have a lot of rich stories that can inspire, and warn. Doug Levitt has seen a lot of value in these experience. He has been involved in getting these experiences when he started traveling by bus. He has been traveling for almost 10 years at a total of 70,000 miles in 7 years. Throughout these years he has been trying to put together a book that describes the different stories of struggling Americans.

Doug Levitt is not just a writer of stories, he is also a singer and songwriter. He not only will feature them in his book, but he will also sing convert these stories into songs to perform in front of an audience. One thing that could be said about the struggles of Americans is that there is this sense of humanity that surrounds them. Doug Levitt seeks to capture this humanity in his book which will hopefully influence people in power to do something about the situation in America. This will hopefully also inspire people to help one another

Doug Levitt has been doing this sense some of the recent crises that hit the United States. He has seen how people that are at a disadvantage are treated. He wants to make sure that they are given the attention that they need. Since The Greyhound Diaries are filled with a diversity of stories, the book will show that people who are down on their luck are every bit as human as those that are better off. This will also inspire some kind of sympathy for people in similar circumstances and who have gone through similar incidents in their lives. Doug Levitt is someone that is involved in powerful projects.

Top Leaders, Who are Overseeing DIVERSANT, LLC Growth Plans

DIVERSANT, LLC is certified African-American owned company that specializes in offering revolutionary IT solutions. The firm provides IT staffing service and products, which includes direct hire, IT staffing augmentation, and advanced diversity solutions.

Gene Waddy is an astute leader and owner of DIVERSANT LLC. The growth of his company is a reflection of Waddy’s long-term experience, dedication, and discipline. Under his leadership, DIVERSANT LLC maintained a fast-paced growth even when other companies were facing the economic downturn. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Fairleigh Dickinson University. He offers professional advice to the youths on how they can use technology to better their lives and establish successful careers. He advocates for the collective handling of tasks and collective decision-making.

Yoshimura serves as the Chief Operations Officer of DIVERSANT LLC. He has an industry experience of more than three decades in staffing and consulting. He offers leadership and plays an integral role in the development of investment strategies. Before joining the company, Yoshimura held several positions in the staffing sector. For instance, he was the Experis Vice President. During his tenure, Experis accumulated revenue of more than $500 MM.

John Goullet is an accomplished investor who serves as the DIVERSANT LLC Principle. Being a passionate innovator, Goullet has managed to launch numerous successful businesses specifically in the IT sector. He started his career as a consultant prior to shifting to the IT staffing industry. In 1994, he founded Info Technologies Inc. and served as its CEO. His responsibility entailed studying the corporate environment and understanding customers’ staffing needs before matching them with work style, personality, and skill set of the consultants. The company also offered exceptional IT services to Fortune 500 firms in the nation.

Goullet agreed to merge Info Technologies and DIVERSANT Inc. to create DIVERSANT LLC back in 2010. He has used his role as the Principle, to steer DIVERSANT LLC to a market leader in the IT staffing sector. Before venturing in private business, he held various managerial positions at prominent firms like Computer Science Corp., The Piscataway-based Constell Group, and Information Service. He is a graduate of Ursinus College.

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Eric Pulier Donates Capital to Build Private Online Community for Children with Chronic Illness

Starbright World was a program used by Starlight Children’s Foundation that provided a private online environment where children with chronic illnesses could connect with other children dealing with similar illnesses and experiences as well as connecting with their siblings.

Eric Pulier donated the capital to develop Starbright World that would provide this specifically designed program for the many ill children at the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Pulier is a philanthropist and is always ready to help those in need, especially if it involves the use of technology to solve difficult problems in communities that are economically disadvantaged or children who are physically impaired not only in the U.S. but around the world.

Steven Spielberg, who served as Chairman of the board and has now retired, started Starbright World in 1995 along with Peter Samuelson and Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr. Tablets are provided by the Starlight Children’s Foundation to the hospitals that have children with limited motion or cannot leave their beds. To abide by the safety protocol of controlling infection, each tablet is placed in a protective cover. They come loaded with games, apps and a connection to Starbright World.

Eric has been a benefactor and actively involved in many endeavors that encourage the development of technology and software that will help to solve the problems that challenge humanity everywhere. From bringing state of the art, technology to help with healthcare needs in an underdeveloped country or sitting on the board of a charitable organization that provides a summer camp for chronically ill children Mr. Pulier steps up to these challenges to help make a difference.

The Painted Turtle, founded in 2004 by Paul Newman and Lou Adler is the organization Eric Pulier sits on the board for. The camp was built using funds from United Health Group and the Los Angeles Lakers donated the gym floor. This summer camp is for families and their children who are chronically ill or have a life threatening illness. This is where they can just have a lot fun and find the encouragement and hope these children and families need.

Status Lab’s Darius Fisher Named Gold winner by PR World Awards

PR World Awards has announced Darius Fisher the Gold Winner for Business Professional Development Individual of the Year award for 2016. Mr. Fisher is among many other prestigious winners in other categories of this annual recognition for various PR and website development individuals and agencies, that have demonstrated outstanding leadership and innovation in marketing and technology. As founder and CEO of Status Labs, an online reputation management and marketing strategies firm, Darius Fisher and his professional team of specialists have helped over 1500 clients improve or repair their online status and increase their businesses’ online visibility.

With today’s computer savvy consumer, public relations, advertising and marketing must all work hand in hand with positive online information about a corporation or individual. Mr. Fisher recognized the importance of not only having a positive digital footprint, but he realized the overwhelming significance of the disaster that can follow from a negative online presence. A nasty divorce, financial difficulties, bad reviews, unflattering photos, and ill-spoken comments, all these can effectively wipe-out a business, or at the very least, seriously hamper the conversion of new clients. The team at Status Labs is unique in its services, in that they offer a multi-faceted approach to online reputation management.

Status Labs places a high focus on ensuring their clients rank high in Google search results. This is done with careful strategies from building informational website content, SEO optimization, social media enhancement, positive press releases that put a professional spotlight on individuals or corporations. Financial communications that may include mergers and acquisitions or corporate restructuring, are all handled by leveraging their deep knowledge of digital strategies that positively impact and reach customers, investors and industry regulators. Even personal images and social media commentary are all correlated to project the best online image possible.

Darius Fisher will accept his award on June 27th, 2016 when the PR World Awards will hold its red carpet ceremony in San Francisco. Mr. Fisher is known to provide generous sales incentives to his employees with performance. He is also well known in many active community partnerships and encourages employees to engage in community service opportunities as a team.

Danilo Diaz Granados and His Many Contributions

When talking about influences and an individual with drive, no one compares to Danilo Diaz Granados. Mr. Danilo is a man who wears many hats and has many contributions that effects many people in different ways. Here we will talk about how he started and how he went above and beyond many individuals.

LinkedIn tells us Mr. Danilo Diaz Granados went to school at Babson College. Here he received a Bachelors in Science degree in entrepreneurship and economics. This is where he realized the oppurtunites he had, and he took advantage of what he knew he could accomplish.

Danilo Diaz Granados started as an accountant for an investing company that focused on investing in equality, located in Miami, Florida. His job was to research global investments to return in areas such as real estate, the fine arts, hedge funds and energy efficiency (just to name a few).

After his work in the investment firm he moved up an associate position in a company called Fireman Capital Partners. He joined this company in 2015 and is still currently with them.

Other then his jobs in investing and associate positions, Danilo Diaz Granados is also a co-founder and director for a group called “Toys For Boys ” which is also located in Miami, Florida. He also co-founded and produced a series of films called “The Edge Of Glory”. This company influences areas such as production, editing, promotions and distribution of communications. This company is dedicated to promoting new media content in the United States, mainly focusing on Hispanic interests.

As you can see Mr. Danilo Diaz Granados really is a man of many hats. Not only is he dedicated to others through working for different companies he also invested time in creating his own companies to make sure all people are recognized. A man dedicated to others is a true role model.  Check out Danilo’s Vimeo page for more.