Shaygan Kheradpir is Transforming Coriant into a Leading Provider of Networking Solutions


Coriant is a prestigious firm enjoying a constant growth and cementing a top position in the telecommunication industry. It develops dynamic and unique networking solutions that address the needs of the fast growing corporate world. The company provides its innovative networking solutions to top network operators distributed in many countries across the globe. The company has managed to improve the quality of its networking solution to match its fast-paced growth. Proper implementation of products deployed to the industry by Coriant can generate billions of dollars.

Brief history

Coriant is a telecommunication company that was established in 2013. The company is based in both the USA and Germany. The firm was created after a powerful combination of Tellabs, Nokia Siemens Network, and Sycamore.

Currently, the company has an incredible global presence, and it has provided networking innovations with more than 1,800 patents. The services of the company are available to more than 500 customers across the globe. Coriant assists its global client in capitalizing on their network infrastructure and addressing the communication needs of consumers.

With the objective of delivering high-end results, the company launched a PartnerPlus Program whose goal was to facilitate growth for its global partners via building strong business relationships and sales channels. The program will modify the networking solutions that are deployed to enterprise, transport, and communication sector.

About Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is a prominent technological investor, entrepreneur, and CEO of Coriant. He is an alumnus of Cornell University holding an electrical engineering doctoral degree. Before being appointed to lead Coriant, Kheradpir played supervisorily and executive roles at established companies like GTE Corporation, Verizon, Barclays Bank, as well as Juniper Networks. He has developed several award-winning products and helped the companies to reduce their structural expenditure while maintaining their operation at a top-notch level.

Kheradpir started his career at GTE Laboratories back in 1987. His tasks included network routing, control, and management. He earned respect for developing new products while serving as GTE Corporation’s Chief Investment Officer. Kheradpir rose through ranks during his tenure at Verizon. Barclays appointed him as its Chief Operating Officer. He is the first technology executive to be a member of Barclay’s executive team. During his tenure at Juniper Networks, he developed a cost-cutting and restructuring program, which helped the company to minimize its structural expenses. Kheradpir focus is to assist Coriant to grow in the competitive industry that consists of competing firms like Ciena, Infinera, Alcatel-Lucent, and Cisco.

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A Mistake Changes University Professor’ Life

In an altercation at a university, Melissa Click has lost her job as an instructor while standing up for protestors and taking on the media that was getting in the way. At some point in the altercation, she has called for some muscle. As a result, she was reported and her job was suspended. Melissa has been working for the University in Missouri for a while. However, she has been looked at as someone who is against the First Amendment. She of course isn’t against the first amendment. However, certain entities have been insistent on smearing her out of retaliation. Fortunately, there are firms that she would go to in order to improve her reputation so that she can possibly continue to work at the university. This firm is Status Labs.


Status Labs specializes in reputation management. They are especially involved in digital Internet reputation management. They work with many clients in order to help improve their reputation so that their business and careers can continue to thrive. Darius Fisher has designed Status Labs with the purpose of making it possible for people to get a second chance. He also understands how easy it is for one slip up to be blown out of proportion to the point that it could destroy a career.
Status Labs itself has experienced an attack to its reputation. Fortnately, the staff at the company had enough skills to recover from the attack with the use of new content in order to make sure that people know it is only a temporary problem. They understand that the search results will have a major influence on how the business fares. If the search results contain damaging information, then they will struggle with their business. However, there is a possibility that with a combination of improving their services and relations with people and providing new and optimized content, they will improve their reputation and their business as a result.

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Advocate For The 99% – Brad Reifler

Investing-something many Americans assume is reserved for the wealthy. In a Reuters press release Brad Reifler, a trusted financial advisor and advocate, gives five tips for investing. These tips were designed to empower the average middle class worker, to show that investing is accessible to all and can be beneficial if navigated properly. Reifler’s tips are founded on researching before making an investment and being confident with whatever choice you make.

These tips are not dry, hard-to-understand textbook material but real world experiences. Reifler himself invested in a 529 plan to help offset the cost of his daughters’ college education but soon found that he lost money over the course of his investment. He also noted that when he wanted to invest in companies he personally knew and was confident in making an investment with he was rejected because of draconian rules. These two instances changed how Reifler saw the world of financial markets and investments, they were designed for the financial elite only. Armed with this realization Reifler seeks to educate the masses on how to invest so they too can turn profits like millionaire CEOs.

Brad Reifler has advised multimillion dollar investment firms as well as overseeing their global derivatives, foreign exchanges and investment programs. tells us Reifler has now moved to the average investor by founding Forefront Management Group, LLC. The goal of Forefront is to help institutions or individual investors who do not have a net worth of $1 million. This work in helping the marginalize continues with the recent partnership with Easter Seals Dixon Center, which included a $3 million donation. Easter Seals Dixon Center is an organization that works with veterans and their families to access vital services such as employment and education. Reifler and Forefront Management is changing who receives financial literacy and advice.  That full story is available on XRepublic.

DA Gascon’s Faux Pas

Former San Francisco Police Officers Association President Gary Delagnes alleged in March that District Attorney and former SFPD Chief George Gascon made racial slurs during a night out with police union leaders. Delagnes gave a sworn statement to a blue-ribbon task force, which Gascon had originally established to investigate allegations of homophobia and racism within the police department.

Gascon had appeared before the task force eight days earlier, at which time he criticized the police union for obstructing reform within the department.

Delagnes, who spent 25 years on the force before retiring as POA president in 2013, told of a 2010 dinner with Gascon, present POA President Martin Halloran and another union representative. The dinner, part of a police union leadership forum organized by Harvard University, took place in Cambridge, MA. Delagnes alleged that then-Chief Gascon, who had had a few drinks, “began reminiscing on his time with the Los Angeles Police Department. He made multiple statements that disparaged minorites.” Delagnes said that the former Chief “became so loud and animated that an African American patron asked him to restrain himself, as he was offending his family.”

District attorney’s office spokesman Alex Bastian wouldn’t respond directly to the allegations, but inferred that Delagnes might have embellished the account.

Delagnes said in his statement that he decided to speak up against his former boss after reading that Gascon told the blue-ribbon panel that he worried more now about the state of the SFPD than during his term as police chief from 2009-2011. The former POA president claimed that, as far as he knew, Gascon had few complaints with the police union when he headed the department, and that he spoke with Gascon two or three times per week. He even attended Gascon’s wedding.

When interviewed, Halloran agreed with Delagnes’ account of the evening, but neither would give specifics. Delagnes told the San Francisco Chronicle that, “If called as a witness by Gascon’s blue-ribbon panel, I will testify in more detail about those statements.”

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Tips on Cleaning Various Household Items during Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning entails the practice of cleaning a house thoroughly during springtime. In most cases, it is practiced in areas, which are affected by cold winter. A thorough house cleaning activity includes wiping, scrubbing and washing. In case spring is closely approaching, you need to consider cleaning the following items in the house.

When cleaning the windows of your house, you need to use soapy water and a rag. However, the activity should be carried out on the exterior part in a bid to ward off the smudges and spots. Make sure that you conduct the washing on a cloudy day rather than on a sunny day since the sun can easily dry the cleanser before you finish wiping.

Stainless Steel
It is possible to have stainless steel items in your kitchen, which are not as shiny as they ought to be. To get rid of the dull surface, make use of a wax-based aerosol spray. However, it is advisable to use an appropriate amount to avoid leaving the surface of such items grimy.

Continued use of the dishwasher without regular cleaning can lead to poor cleaning of utensils or dishes. To ensure that the appliance works correctly, run a complete cycle using a special cleanser for dishwashers each month.

When it comes to cleaning your refrigerator, make sure that you clean both the external and internal parts. The shelves should be removed and washed thoroughly using warm soapy water. For surfaces that cannot be detached from the fridge, ensure that you use a sponge to wipe such areas carefully before placing the shelves back.

Details Pertaining Handy

Handy is a premier avenue for matching homeowners with top-notch, certified, and independent service specialists. It maintains contact with professionals in both cleaning and handy services. The specialists are located in various cities around the globe. The company was created through the ingenuity of both Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, who dropped out from Harvard to follow their dream.

Oisin and Umang developed Handy out of the need to ease the manner by which busy people booked household professional services. Consequently, it takes about sixty seconds to book a professional with the inclusion of a 100% money back guarantee. This has made Handy the most convenient method for booking professional household services.

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Sam Tabar: The Importance of Capital Strategy

When it comes to knowing the ins and outs of business development, strategic planning is often the key to success. To be able to develop winning investment strategies for companies and individuals, finance professionals around the world must have an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of marketing, management, and law. Of all the finance professionals currently involved in developing capital strategies, none are better at it than Sam Tabar. Having earned an education from Oxford University as well as Columbia Law School, Sam has an understanding of today’s most pressing issues and what it takes to find success.

Having worked as legal counsel to some of the world’s leading financial firms, Sam has been able to utilize his skills in marketing and communications to help investors and executives alike reach their financial goals. In fact, after spending several years as legal counsel, Sam decided to pursue his passion for finance and became the Managing Director for PMA Investment Advisers. In this position, Sam was given the responsibility of managing the firm’s most important hedge fund, which was valued at more than $2 billion. Knowing his skills would be put to the test, Sam went to work meeting with investors and managers in an effort to gain insight into what it would take to increase the fund’s value. Never being afraid to develop cutting-edge strategies that would take the financial world by storm, Sam did the same with this project. By using his knowledge of management agreements, Sam implemented strategies that not only brought new investors into the fold, but also increased the value of his firm’s hedge fund to well over $4 billion.

As executives around the world began to learn of Sam’s skills in strategic planning, his expertise was in high demand. Acting as a consultant around the globe, Sam found himself making regular trips to the Asia-Pacific region to meet with international finance professionals in Beijing, Hong Kong, and other areas. In addition to these meetings, Sam also spent much of his time in New York as a lawyer, meeting with Wall Street executives as well as leaders from some of the nation’s leading companies. No matter what issues were being discussed in these meetings, Sam always had the answers his clients needed. As he continues to use his skills in these and many other areas of finance, Sam expects to implement even more cutting-edge strategies that will produce excellent results.  The type of results he’s already seen in his position as Chief Operations Officer of FullCycle Energy Fund.

John Goullet an IT Specialist

On the Diversent website, it has several links this includes finding IT jobs, such as a link for job seekers. As well as speaking with an Expert IT member about services that may be required. It is the largest African American owned IT staffing and solutions firm in the nation. In addition, the company has helped to develop a reputation of excellence in 500 fortune companies. The Leadership and Advisory Board includes Gene Waddy who is the Chief Executive Officer and the owner of Diversent.

John Goullet is the Principle of the company and has developed a number of successful interventions in the IT sector. And Jim Yoshimura, who is the Chief Operations Officer, Yoshimura has been a leader for over 30 years in staffing, and the consulting and industry experience. The Advisory Board includes William J. Grubbs and Steven M. Scopellite. Diversent also includes An MBE Leader, Community Involvement and Office Locations and Directions.

Being the founder of info technologies, Goullet served as a computer consultant, and then owned his own IT company in 1994. Goullet focus in on supplying IT information to helping clients and understanding the new IT information and the corporate climate within IT. In his early days, Goullet attended Ursinus College, and while he was there he held a job at Ursinus College Info Technologies, Inc.. In 2010 John and Gene decided to go in together merging their two companies, which were Info Technologies and Diversent together into one company. Additional information and an autobiography on Goullet on the Diversant’s site.

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Coworking Spaces Are The New Normal


Real estate is a business that is critical to the life blood of a city. In office spaces, the same could be said in the quality of the traditional work space. The same idea has persisted for decades. Not much has changed since the lonely desk, a typewriter and limited real estate for the worker. There’s a new player on the block. It’s not that new actually. It’s coworking. Sharing the space with your coworkers in an environment that is more like an immersive, creative, bustling commons area you may find in a college atmosphere. Creating and sharing ideas with your coworkers not only sparks conversation but also boosts the brand and morale. Companies such as Google and Rackspace are knocking down the cubicle walls and bringing the team together to reinvent the workplace. Much of this new wave of sharing space in the work place can be attributed to the 15th century in Italy. As seen in the article from, “The Innovative Coworking Spaces of 15th-Century Italy”, Renaissance workshops of the time had an open space where talents could learn new techniques from each other.

This industry is booming, but where can you get the space and location to convert your space from dusty old cubicles to an open and breathing work space? One company already has their finger on the pulse, Workville.

Workville is located in the heart of New York City and offer a luxurious shared office space to spend your work time. Options are open to all sorts of different work atmospheres. Keeping the workplace diverse with dedicated desks, open floor work spaces and brainstorming areas could be the key to a brand new working experience. The founders own the building in which Workville operates. This provides a firm root in the real estate market. No need to worry about moving locations more than once. Workville understands that networking is more than just social networking online. Networking is more useful when you’re with your coworkers fostering dialogue on projects. Located up high 21 floor in a beautiful building on Broadway, Workville is designed to make your work environment more like a 5 star hotel.

Charles Koch Remains Inspired By a Letter From His Father

Born in 1935, Charles Koch has been a dominant force in U.S. business for around half a century since taking control of Koch Industries in the 1960s. In an interview with ABC News, Charles Koch revealed he remains inspired to succeed by a letter written by his father in 1936 explaining the ways he wished his children would live their lives, already a business success, Fred Koch understood the vast inheritance he planned to leave his children could be their downfall.

In a bid to avoid problems in the future Fred Koch was inspired by the birth of Charles to put down on paper the hopes he had for his children in the future; the letter is now framed in the office of Charles and acts as a daily reminder of the potential success and failure the Koch family faces. Charles Koch has revealed the letter in an interview with ABC News, which explains how a strong work ethic was given to him by his father from an early age. The interview sees Charles Koch explain his father did not wish any of his children to waste their time by relying on the inheritance he would leave them.

Koch has remained true to the demands of the letter written by his father and teamed with his brother, David, to turn Koch Industries into the largest privately held business in the U.S. Alongside the impressive business skills and ventures developed by Charles and David Koch the successful business leaders have looked to pass on their skills through a series of articles and books; Charles Koch detailed his own approach to business, which he calls market based management, in his book “The Science Of Success”.

Over the course of his career Charles stated he has referred back to the letter that takes pride of place on his office wall to keep his feet on the ground and maintain the values the Koch family stands for. Koch has become a major part of the political and business landscape of the world, which he believes can be traced back to the values and ethics his father should take the credit for instilling in him and the rest of the Koch family.


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James Dondero On Opportunities In The Argentinian Bond Market

James Dondero is a Dallas-based investment banker based in Texas who has been in the stock market for 25 years. He has built a reputation as a skilled credit bond trader who can grow start-ups to billion dollar companies. James 1st grew Protective life from inception to a net worth of $ 2 billion dollars in the late 80s.He then founded Highlands capital management with a capital of $ 3 million and today it’s worth a massive $ 19 billion.

In a recent article on Bloomberg, James Dondero announced that Highlands will participate in the upcoming bond offer by the Argentinian government. It is hardly a shocker given HCM reaped big the last time it played in the bond market. It recorded 20% returns in a move that shocked markets.

Dondero says that bond market is a lifetime investment and should be treated as such. For you to achieve double-digit returns, you must change how you view the bond market. It is not a place to make a quick buck. Dondero says an investor should target having many small shares instead of one big one. It will cushion against losses and make the long term game better.

It is expected HCM will snap most of the shares on offer. The bonds are projected to have returns of 7-8%. It is a good margin since it will cushion the exposure of HCM to sudden market swings.

James Dondero is of the opinion that depressed markets are the best ones to play in. He gives an example of the Brazilian BOVESPA that lost 45% value in one year, but Highlands capital bought many shares there.

Argentina has always been a wary destination for American investors. The former government famously refused to pay off its debts to many hedge funds. It is a move that saw Paul Stinger lose $ 4.5 billion. But that money will be refunded in full after this Bond offer. The proposal is led by the new president who came to power after a large campaigning period.

Argentina was for a long time the most beautiful nation in Latin America. But in the late 90s, it experienced one of the most severe economic crisis that was made worse by the dot-com burst. Since then, successive governments have taken a conservative approach to foreigners who were blamed for the crash.

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